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Montana Antelope Doe Tags
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JL 22-Aug-21
From: JL
I posted this on the Montana forum but didn't get any response so I figured I ask here.

Did any of you resident guys/gals who drew an antelope tag in the regular draw this year get the below, recent email from the FWP? I (as a NR) got this email. Mr brother (as a res) did not get this email. I'm wondering if the FWP was targeting the NR's for these make alot more money off of NR's than a res ($200 vs $14). I sent the email to him and he also was able to get one of these tags before they sold out. He would not have known about them if I didn't send him the email. The FWP did not advertise them on their website. I believe in years past the FWP normally puts out 1500 of these tags for this east side of the state. It looks like they made a mistake on the first draw (??) and only did 150.....then came back and sold 1000 more first come, first serve. Thanks.....


Our records indicate that one or more persons using this email address were successful for antelope in 007-20 and/or 007-30. As one of the 6,000 people successful in obtaining an antelope license through the special drawings for hunting district 007-20 and/or one of the 150 people successful in obtaining an antelope b license through special drawings for hunting district 007-30, you now have the opportunity to try and purchase (1) additional doe/fawn antelope b license (799-30), valid in HD’s 704 and 705, for the same season dates. There are 1,000 of these licenses available and are being sold first come first served starting August 20. They are available over the counter from any license provider, or online at If purchasing online, please allow up to 10 days for delivery of the license. The cost is $14.00 for a resident or $200.00 for a nonresident. Please have your hunting district number (or original antelope license) available for the license provider when you purchase your license over the counter. Thanks.


License Bureau, FWP [email protected]""""

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