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More Bears
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Stubbleduck 23-Aug-21
wildwilderness 29-Aug-21
ryanrc 29-Aug-21
Stubbleduck 30-Aug-21
From: Stubbleduck
See the news clip referenced below. More bears in Manitoba possibly / probably because of no significant hunting since spring 2019. Note in particluar the data on foreign resident bear tag sales in Manitoba.....if one assumes that roughly 90% of foreign resident tags are filled the decline in sale of such tags in 2020 and, so far, 2021 might suggest upwards of 3,000 "Extra" bears wandering about in the Province. A few will be taken in 2021 fall hunts (I'll be hunting the week of 9/12) but spring 2022 looks like a banner year for bear hunts in Manitoba and likely, for the same reason, in other Provinces also. Between "Hold over" hunts (My Manitoba Spring 2020 hunt has been moved to spring 2022 already) and pent up demand from two missed spring seasons there may be a reduced number of late bookings available for 2022. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/beekeepers-hives-damage-bears-1.6111439

I bet some big bears are killed next year

From: ryanrc
Who knows how crossing the border will be come spring.... that may lead many to opt out of going to Canada.

From: Stubbleduck
I crossed into Canada yesterday (8/29) at Fort Frances (Ontario). See full comments in the Crossing into Canada thread. Bottom line no problem if you have the paper work correct.

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