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Spraying Butyrac
Whitetail Deer
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xi 23-Aug-21
drycreek 23-Aug-21
Pat Lefemine 23-Aug-21
goyt 23-Aug-21
lewis 24-Aug-21
From: xi
Would you guys spray a plot this time of year with Butyrac? Finally mowed it due to being wet and noticed a lot of small grass shoots in the clover. Thank you for your time everyone !

From: drycreek
Butyrac won’t kill the grass, but it will kill the weeds. Clethodim kills grass, some grasses anyway, but it’s not too spectacular on mature grasses. This time of year I probably wouldn’t do anything to clover. The weed and grass growing season is about over for the year unless they are winter grasses.

From: Pat Lefemine
X2. I don't bother spraying now. But I will mow. Just keep the weeds down and hit it really early next spring with Cleth or Imox.

From: goyt
I sprayed with Cleth on 7/30 and my grass is either yellow or brown right now. It is kind of late to do it now but if the rain has it actively growing you may get a good kill. I will hit mine again with IMOX in the spring to get new growth. I try to apply IMOX, Cleth and Butyrac each once a year.

From: lewis
I primarily use butyrac for nutsedge control good luck Lewis

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