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Thumb Releases?
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shorty 23-Aug-21
Bake 23-Aug-21
JTreeman 23-Aug-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 23-Aug-21
midwest 23-Aug-21
Hank_S 23-Aug-21
Pat Bischoff 23-Aug-21
Dino 23-Aug-21
arch2112 24-Aug-21
Bowboy 24-Aug-21
RD in WI 24-Aug-21
tm 24-Aug-21
From: shorty
I am interested in using a thumb release for hunting. That being said I have been looking at two different brands. The reason I selected the two is because they both have a wrist strap. The two are Carter's Wise Choice and Tru ball's Blaid Pro Flex. I would appreciate any help I can get with this selection. Thanks!

From: Bake
No experience with Tru Ball, but I really like my Wise Choice. That is my release of choice

From: JTreeman
There are several that can use a wrist strap if that is a major concern. No reason to limit yourself to those 2. If I had to chose between those 2 it would be the Carter. But overall it may be 3-4 on my personal list even including the wrist strap requirement.


No experience in the Carter but I switched this year to a 4 finger tru ball and love it

From: midwest
Dudley's Nock 2 It, manufactured by Carter, also has a wrist lanyard.

From: Hank_S
I just ordered a Scott Pursuit as it also has a wrist strap.

From: Pat Bischoff
I've shot a wise choice for a long time. Great release.

From: Dino
Wise choice is an excellent release.

From: arch2112
I have been using Carter thumb releases for the past few years. The Wise Choice all last year. My favorite release. Besides great quality probably the best customer service out there. Took care of me no charge when I had an issue that was my fault.

From: Bowboy
Carter, Nock it, send Stanislawski all top of the line. I've been shooting a Carter Ember release for years.

From: RD in WI
I just bought a Stan Perfex that has a hole for a lanyard, if the lanyard is a must-have. I have used a Carter Just B Cuz for years and it is a great release. The Stan is better due to its adjustment capacity (2-4 fingers, finger angle, trigger angle, length of trigger, barrel size and angle, etc.). Its a well-considered device. Good luck

From: tm
Either Carter or Stan, I like the Hole Thing3 but anything I can get a finger thru.

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