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Unit 16c in New Mexico area where bulls
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Lucky bull 23-Aug-21
WapitiBob 24-Aug-21
butcherboy 24-Aug-21
Brotsky 24-Aug-21
greg simon 24-Aug-21
Rocky D 24-Aug-21
Dyjack 24-Aug-21
midwest 24-Aug-21
Straight Shooter 25-Aug-21
From: Lucky bull
In Unit 16c where are good areas to hunt first time hunting in this unit

From: WapitiBob
I'd hunt where the Elk are.

From: butcherboy
On that one ridge, close that funny looking pine tree, in that one canyon with all the rocks on the ground. Best honey hole ever!

From: Brotsky
What areas have you researched? Specific questions will get you specific answers. Otherwise 16C is full of elk, enjoy your hunt!

From: greg simon
I've hunted 16D and an honest answer would literally be "In the woods". Every place we hiked in searching for elk we found some. The Gila is an awesome place. Good luck and have fun!!!

From: Rocky D
“ where are good areas”

You just drew a great Limited entry unit. You live in New Mexico and you were smart enough to apply for 16C. I have hunted 16C three times and all of it has good areas.

What I would be driving down and looking for a great area! Looking for water, elk, big bulls and learning the road system! I would be looking for camping spots to determine where the pressure would be. I would be figuring out where the elk would be feeding and where they went to bed and I would figure out where I would connect with them on their journey! It is amazing what you can learn on a two or three day scouting trip. Especially if if I have diligently done my research in order to not waste time. There is unlimited information on the web.

Do you plan to bring horses, 4 wheelers, or are you planning to backpack into the wilderness.

The real questions is where is closest cooler, processor, or how much ice to bring. Is it better to bring block ice.

Sure, I can send you a couple starting points but I could just as easily tell you Beaverhead and Winston an you would not be far from elk with either.

From: Dyjack
I seen on the tv that if you just blow a hoochie mama anywhere in the Gila giant bulls run in and commit seppuku on your arrow.

From: midwest
Congrats on the tag!

Never gets old

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