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Black bear hunting in the US.
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Tobpitbull 24-Aug-21
ahunter76 24-Aug-21
Since the Covid shot is required (and many will not get one) to go into Canada, perhaps some of the bear hunting outfitters in the US should start posting info concerning their bear hunting program/business in the US. Next spring there will be a lot of people looking for places to bear hunt who choose not to be vaccinated… and can’t/won’t go into Canada… to enter Canada you must be fully vaccinated with the shots offered, period…you guys who know good reputable outfitters in US let others know.

(And please if you got the shot good for you-if you refuse the shot good for you, we don’t need taught on the subject)

We hear a lot from bear hunting outfitters in Canada but with this situation with Covid shot required to enter, as some refusing the shot we will need to start hearing more from good quality bear hunting in the US

God bless America

From: ahunter76

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No information on outfitters but Colorado, Wisconsin & Minnesota are decent states for Bear I know of. I have encountered Bears in all these states. Unfilled tag in Wisconsin years ago, took a 19" fall Bear in Minnesota (Sept) no spring season. Buddy arrwoed a Cinnimon in Colorado. Most have draws now & or points. A search should give you Outfitter names... I did Canada several times long ago (Ontario & Quebec). My Mn Bear.

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