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Matthews Atlas Opinion
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Will 26-Aug-21
KSflatlander 26-Aug-21
Will 26-Aug-21
Dale06 26-Aug-21
BowJangles 02-Sep-21
From: Will
Hi guys,

Last night I had a blowup on my existing bow and I am heading to WY for a MD and Pronghorn hunt next weekend. To say the least, stress level was high. I have a 32" DL and my choices are slim. I bought a Matthews Atlas after about 20 shots and it felt fantastic. Obviously this is fast moving for me with getting practice and setup but I was just hoping I could get some feedback on the BOW. Quick decision that I hope works out.

From: KSflatlander
The new bows are so smooth and forgiving compared to bows +10 years. I bought a Mathews Vertix a couple years ago after shooting the same bow 10 years. Night and day difference.

Keep shooting and your confidence will go up with each shot. Good luck on the hunt.

From: Will
Total bummer on your bow blowing up other Will! But enjoy the new one, sounds like a great rig!

From: Dale06
I and my son both bought an Atlas. I’ve bowhunted for 43 years, he has for about 25 years. He likes his a lot. For me, the Atlas is the best of 20 or so bows that I’ve owned. I’ve shot Mathews and Hoyt for the past 20 years. If you are a “speed” advocate, it may not be for you. The long brace height and high let off, give up some speed. I’m shooting 475 grain arrows at 257 FPS. The trade off is its smooth to draw, and in my case more accurate than previous bows. Mine is 30” draw, 85%, 55-65 pounds and I’m shooting it at 63 pounds. FWIW, I shot the V3 and Atlas both before deciding to buy the Atlas. It was an easy choice in my case. Having said all this, I’d encourage you to shoot the Atlas before buying. Son and I are chasing elk in three weeks in NM, then WT in Oct/Nov. If any questions, fire away.

From: BowJangles
I've got an Atlas. It's silky smooth. That being said I can't seem to put my Traverse down long enough to give the Atlas the attention it deserves.

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