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Experience with Rhino blind?
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Little Bear 26-Aug-21
Don K 26-Aug-21
molsonarcher 26-Aug-21
WYOelker 27-Aug-21
arlone 27-Aug-21
Little Bear 30-Aug-21
From: Little Bear
Rhino, Muddy and Primos (Smoke screen) have the blinds available with see-thru walls. Has anyone used these for Pronghorn? I'm curious about how silent the windows are to open, shooting ports, etc. Sure wish I could see them in person to evaluate so I figured I'd ask if anyone has personal experience.

From: Don K
Just had my Rhino Blind delivered and headed to WY on Saturday so cant give you a in the field review. First impression of the blind as I set it up here at home is I think looking out of it is going to be great. Put up and take down easy, the only thing Im not sure of is the door just has clips that close it but I dont have enough use of it yet to be sure either way. If your getting the Rhino, check online prices as I was able to get it 50 dollars cheaper than Rhino themselves with free delivery.

From: molsonarcher
I have 2 rhino blinds. DonK do not worry about the clips. They are fine and work well. Little bear the see thru mesh is great for looking out, and in! Be sure to brush it in well, as when the sun gets high you will be silhouetted to some degree, and you most definitely can see movement from outside looking at the blind. I went with the solid walls because of this problem. I know a few guys with the Primos, and the issue is there as well.

From: WYOelker
I am always cheap and buy what ever ameristep blind I can find on sale for under $80

From: arlone
I bought a Rhino 600(?) last spring and sat it a few times. Mine is solid walls, so can't report on the one with all side see throughs. Should be a good blind in warm weather for some ventilation I hunt in cold weather sometimes and thought the "mesh" wouldn't be much of a wind break? Other wise it seems well made and like not having a long zipper to make noise. Clips might be a bit stiff in cold weather, will find out later this fall.

From: Little Bear
Thanks for the responses. Don, I look forward to a complete field review after your trip.

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