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Clethodim around pine seedlings?
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shorty 26-Aug-21
blue spot 28-Aug-21
drycreek 28-Aug-21
KHNC 30-Aug-21
Habitat 30-Aug-21
From: shorty
This isn't exactly what I would call a food plot, but I planted a few hundred pine seedlings to give the deer cover before coming into my food plot. The field grass is smothering them out. Can I safely spray Clethodim 2E Herbicide on the grass and possibly on the seedlings? Thanks for your help!

From: blue spot
I have no experience with that product.

You can safely release softwood from grass and broadleaf competition with glyphosate. However, all the over the counter/homeowner versions of glyphosate will have surfactant added to it. Most types of surfactant will damage our more tender white pine up here. A tallow amine surfactant is more gentle and is what is used up here commercially. However, I don't think that is available in most versions. It is my understanding that the southern yellow pine are more resistant but you should confirm with a local with experience.

It doesn't take much glyphosate to kill grass. maybe 1-2% solution of 40-50% active ingredient formulation. This will allow you to kill everything but your pine. If you have brush or other stuff mixed in you will have have to mix to control the toughest plant in the mix. The trick is to wait until late summer/early fall when the pine have hardened off and are not growing fast. Up here in new england that is mid august. You should confirm with a forester in your region. I am currently doing a bunch of acres of invasive control with a side benefit of softwood release.

Your pine seedlings will be most appreciative of having a radius of 16"-24" of no competition for a few years. It takes softwoods a couple years to develop a root system and then they just take off like a rocket.

good luck.

From: drycreek
My experience with that is on pines that are at least 2/3 years old. Gly will kill the needles but not the tree. I don’t know about seedlings though, seems like they may be more fragile.

From: KHNC
I havent seen much that will kill a pine tree. Damn , i hate those things. lol. They seem to spring up all over the place, when nothing else will grow.

From: Habitat
Yes cleth will only kill grass,I use a generic called volunteer.I have sprayed it in my clover and even wild flower plantings does great but mix some crop oil and give it a couple weeks. If seedlings are small enough you could get the grass short enough then use a 4" PVC with a wire handle on one end then cover tree and spray gly around to kill grass just have to make sure sprayed grass doesn't contact tree until it's dry

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