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Deodorant Options For Hunt
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From: WYOelker
So I am always looking for the better options. For my daily pit needs I use a gel style sport stick. It stinks pretty.

I have always use the white sticks from hunters specialities etc. they always seem to fall apart half way through, they work, and prevent stink.

I was on Amazon and saw Speed Stick Unscented, plus a Dozen other options in addition to my usual hunting specific.

Any ideas on using a non hunting unscented?

From: fisherick
Crystal unscented mineral.

From: Jordanathome

From: Teeton
Arm & Hammer antiperspirant unscented for me or years.

From: buzz mc
Sure Unscented

From: Woods Walker
Teeton X2. Good stuff.

I also start taking chlorophyll capsules about 2 weeks before hunting season starts.

From: DroptineDC18
Schmidt’s unscented. Even the charcoal ones would be good.

From: SDHNTR(home)

From: TGbow
As mentioned above..Arm N Hammer

From: txhunter58

txhunter58's embedded Photo
txhunter58's embedded Photo
I use Sure Unscented daily

However, I use this Sweat Block before the hunt. One evening before I leave for a hunt, I cut the hair under my arm with the sideburn trimmer on my electric razor. Then I treat both pits and the bottoms of my feet with alcohol (on cotton ball). Once that dries, I apply the product in my pits first and then the bottom of my feet using only one wipe and right before getting in bed. Stops most perspiration in both areas for about a week.

From: Chuckster
The DDW and HS under arm deo's make my pits feel like they're glued together. I found Tom's unscented deodorant at Walmart. Excellent product.

From: arlone
I've been using Ban unscented roll-on for a few years, seems to work for me.

From: ohiohunter
Teeton and buzz nailed it. Sure, A&H, or hunter speciality. I haven’t been sold on dead down wind yet.

From: Meat Grinder
x2 for Tom's unscented deodorant. Wal-Mart or Walgreen's.

From: Shuteye
Just a dab of Doe In Heat under each arm. Bucks will want to love you.

From: Rupe
Ditto on “ Arm & Hammer antiperspirant unscented for me or years.”

Plus I rub my body with Baking Soda.

Arm & Hammer Unscented here also…

From: Matt
You might look into Lavilin. It is a product that you only need to use every 3-4 days and will kill the funk pretty effectively. You can use regular deodorant after that, but it works quite well.

'Still Steamin'' elk urine......


From: Firsty
All natural. Nothing

Crystal Salt Mineral. This will prevent underarm odor, while allowing you to sweat. Your body needs to sweat, but you will not stink. I get mine from Cover Up hunting products.

From: LINK
Yep I use nothing when I’m whitetail hunting. It’s unscented and works nearly as good as the scented. When I am elk hunting I bath in Irish spring and use scented deodorant. It always nice to smell like roses after smelling like @$$ for a few days. The elk will smell me long before they smell the roses.

From: Woods Walker
"Just a dab of Doe In Heat under each arm. Bucks will want to love you."

You can gargle with it too, but just make sure that your aim is REALLY good, and FAST! ;-)

From: Papadeerhtr
Arm and hammer unscented, used it for hunting for years.

From: Brotsky
You guys bring deodorant elk hunting?

At home for deer I use DDW, seems to work okay but it does glue your pits together as mentioned above.

From: Treefarm
Keep bacteria controlled by wiping with rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol at 70% in water will disrupt bacteria growth thus minimize BO. Very simple to keep in pack.

I use Arm and Hammer at home or hunting. It's for me and those around me. I can't imagine anything that works for elk after the first trip up the the hill.

From: bowonly
Good call, Matt. I have been using Lavilin for many years as my everyday deodorant. It can sometimes last a week or more. A little dab goes along way so it's economical and effective at preventing stink and has no smell of its own. I use it for me and my hunting partners benefit. I have no illusions the game can't smell me. Don't know if something like that has been invented yet and I am not holding my breath.

From: BigSkyHntr
Nose Jammer! :)~

From: Dyjack
I use whatever. It's for me mostly. So I don't have to smell myself after ten days of no shower. After the first hill I walk up any scent eliminating stuff i took is probably overwhelmed by the sweat.

From: APauls
Whatever you use at home. You're gonna stink enough that your pit stick ain't gonna save you getting winded. Might as well smell good :) Either the wind will give you up or it won't.

From: 2Wild Bill
Lavilin, use to be sold as "Pit Stop" by Screaming Eagle, Paul Brunner. Great stuff.

From: bad karma
Windinyourface.com is your best choice.

From: txhunter58
Talk about Lavilin and “pit stop” made me remember something. I did use pit stop when it was available many years ago. However had a young child at the same time and realized that it bore a striking resemblance to Desitin diaper rash ointment


So, I used to apply Desitin to my pits and the bottoms of my feet at night before a hunt. It was really a big help on my sweaty feet! And it lasted at least 3-4 days per application.

From: steff
Lavilin is it. My wife appreciates more tolerable laundry when I get back home. Don't have to stand back when opening bags!

From: Olink
You want to use something that says Unscented Antiperspirant on the label. If it says Deodorant, it probably has a perfumed scent. The Speed Stick Unscented or the Arm and Hammer has always worked well for me.

From: Lost Arra
Mitchum gel unscented

From: nowheels
I also like the Arm and Hammer unscented.

Next year I think I will use Axe so the cows will get excited and chase me around. When the herd bull comes in to round up his cows, I’ll have a nice 20 yard broadside shot.

From: TGbow
unscented soap and baking soda sprinkled here n there

From: Jordanathome
Summers Eve

Nope. LOL

I have used unscented Ban roll on for many years. I used to use Mitchum unscented for awhile and not sure why I went to Ban, but I can say that it certainly lasts longer than 24 yrs. I would strongly suggest either one

From: elkmtngear
Manscape the pits.

And a mineral crystal.

Another vote for Lavilin. Been using it since the mid 80s when Paul Brunner sold it as Pit Stop. Based on comments from the Wensels I use the foot cream on my underarms. One application last me at least two weeks. I sweat but no odor because Lavilin eliminates the bacteria that cause odor.

From: Proline
Mitchum gel unscented

X2 About the strongest over the counter antiperspirant you can get.

Just get any powder-based deodorant stick, twirl the knob till it comes all the way off, cut it off with a knife and put it in a ziplock sandwich bag, discard the plastic part, and take the bag/deodorant with you on your hunt.

From: Owl
APauls for the win. An "unscented deodorant" is applied to what... 2% of your surface area? The critter isn't gonna bust because he gets a whiff of your Old Spice stick.

From: DanaC

From: Buffalo1
Taking chlorophyll tablets helps to eliminate odor.

From: map1
Use old spice and hunt downwind

From: WYelkhunter
I use the cheapest unscented deodorant at walmart. It works as good as any high priced hunting deodorant.

From: elknailer
going to try hibiclens anti bac soap,

From: TD
I thought after you guys waxed you didn't need any???

From: DanaC
From the OP - " Any ideas on using a non hunting unscented? "

Why not? Anything marked 'hunting' will be 50% more $$ and zero % more effective.

"I thought after you guys waxed you didn't need any???"

Definitely need less... :)

From: Kanati
Same as Teeton

From: Dale06
Sure unscented.

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