Arizona Trail Camera Footage
Whitetail Deer
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From: MOutside

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One of my other videos got some decent feedback so I here's another one for the coues deer nuts out there. This was also a good place to see bobcats. Had a lion stalk my camera too. Never seen that before. Happy hunting.

From: t-roy
Neat videos! Looked liked the buck that walked past the camera at approximately 3:04 in the video, was blind in his left eye.

Love it!! That lion footage is pretty intense. Thanks for sharing.

From: Shuteye
Great video. i have that exact camera and have videos of does coming up, like the lion, and almost touching the lens with their nose.

From: Rupe
The small bucks on 2/11 was sneezing. I have diagnosed him as Covid positive.

Freaking awesome Mt. Lion footage. I had to laugh when it put it’s face right up the camera.

Great footage. Thanks for sharing.

From: Matt
Love it, thanks.

From: Pat Lefemine
Really good video! Those browning cams sure take great quality video.

From: MOutside
Thanks for watching. I really like the Browning cameras.

From: spike78
Very cool little did I know their is turkeys and snow in Arizona!

From: molsonarcher
Great footage. I use the Browning’s as well and they take amazing images. Keep up the great videos.

Very cool, thanks for sharing !

From: TGbow
awsome video! Plenty of action goin on there

From: BC173
That’s some great video. Thanks for bringing it to us!

From: goyt
Thank you. Very well done.

From: Nomad
Very cool.

My question to anyone who could answer would be when the animal such as the lion takes notice of the camera do you think they just see the camera, hear the camera, or do they have a sense of the infra-red light?

From: Treeline
I think they see the camera and are just curious.

Cool videos. I like that Coues with the extra point!

From: molsonarcher

I believe it is all of the above. Animals know when something new is in their realm, and each has a response individual to them. I have deer and raccoons that are very curious and inspect them, and others that spook no matter what. Sometimes I think with the younger animals there is a high curiosity level if they’ve never seen one before, and oftentimes the next time I get the animal passing by they pay no attention to it whatsoever.

From: Wildan2
My experience;infa-red cameras are noticed by all animals,predators avoid them.The black flash cameras are not seen by them(may see the box on the tree and be curious). Really like the Brownings,great videos.Recently purchased two TactaCams,like the cell service but picture quality is not as good as the Brownings.

From: sitO
Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

From: MPN
Great videos ! Thanks for posting!

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