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3 blade for my wife's setup?
Whitetail Deer
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Having a heck of a time finding any cut on contact 125's with bleeders for my wife's setup. Have one Magnus Stinger we're shooting, going to order another pack or two but Mike said it could be eight weeks before they ship. Would like 125 buzzcut with the bleeders

Would a VPA 3 blade penetrate well for her, assuming I get them razor sharp?

She's shooting 25" 42# Hoyt Powermax Vixcen with 500 grain arrows.

I'm sure this is a dumb question, but haven't been around any lady hunters and I want her to be confident in what she shoots.

Thanks all

From: milnrick
Try Montec 100's. My wife's shot them for years and they fly like darts.

What poundage was she shooting?

What arrow?

Over the years I have found it much easier to shoot 100 gr BH for availability and options. The 25 gr weight difference is made up with either a heavier insert,- brass etc, or a 10-25 gr collar like the Iron will. have never used the Gold tip weight system by that would work well.

From: LINK
VPA would work just fine. My daughter shot two deer last year at 42#. She was using slick trick standards. Neither had a pass through as one hit the offside shoulder the other clipped the bottom of the spine. Both had trails Stevie wonder could follow and one made it 30 yards the other 70. Both dead in less than 6 seconds. As long as it flies straight and is sharp she shouldn’t have any trouble.

From: Treeline
Cutthroat or VPA.

From: Brotsky
VPA works great, buy with confidence.

From: WYOelker
I might have some of the Magnus Stingers in my shooting room. I will check and see...

From: HDE
"What poundage was she shooting?"


From: Bowbender

Bowbender's Link
Try Lancaster Archery.

From: KY EyeBow
Magnus Snuffer SS and NAP Hellrazors are quality heads also that no one has mentioned yet

From: smarba

smarba's Link
I'm a big fan of Slick Trick Viper Tricks. They are replaceable blade and the shape of the ferrule makes them every bit a cut on contact as a what is traditionally defined as COC. They are 4 blade w/ 2 main and 2 bleeder, which should help with penetration at low poundage too.

Smarba that’s what I’m shooting this year. Love them. I’d recommend them for sure. Especially low poundage

From: Burt
Totally over thinking this thing. A 42# modern compound puts out more arrow speed and power than many of the old 60# wheel bows of previous generations and leaps ahead of heavier recurve and longbows. If you get around 500 grains or more total weight with any sharp cut on contact head chance are very likely to have full penetration. Most all 2 or 3 blade solid heads are perfectly fine so long as it's sharp and the blade is at least thick enough not to bend or break. Yes we all love touting the latest brand or styling hoping it's somehow extra better. Fact is for the most part they all work. Look for any of the longer traditional swept blades (2-to-1 or 3-to-1) if you have any power reservations. Keep away from mechanicals and the short/wide blades with low poundage setups.

From: tm
Trying to get the foc I want with a heavy shaft is easier with 125 heads or added insert weight. For 5mm shafts the Easton stainless half out works well.

From: Rgiesey
I’ve had wife,daughters,kids and grandkids shoot stinger 4 blade 100s. Mostly great results. Some shot fairly heavy bows,mid 50s

From: ahunter76

ahunter76's embedded Photo
ahunter76's embedded Photo
My Daughter 48#s 28" draw, G-son, 45#s 28" draw used 3 blade Rocky Mountain 125 gr Ironheads IF you can find them. No longer made My Son & daughter in law 40#s 27" draw& other G-son 45#s 28" draw use 3 blade Montecs. ALL have killed biggame with them Daughter a Buffalo, 25 yds, heart shot, dropped in secobds.

We'll go with the 125 VPA 3 blade heads if we can't find any Stinger Buzzcuts.

Thanks all

From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
They have Magnus Buzzcut 125 with bleeders at Bowhunting Outlet.

From: fubar racin
My wife has had great luck with vpa 3 blades shooting elk with a 24 inch draw at 48 pounds

Bowboy-they are all back-ordered to @ least October 6th according to that site.

Our season starts 10/1...have to love these supply chain breakdowns!

From: butcherboy
Kudu broadheads are pretty dang good heads.

From: joehunter
Wasp - instock several 125 options. Always sharp - made in Connecticut USA!

From: tobywon
Great options mentioned, I’m a fan of Wasp myself, especially the SST tip.

From: LBshooter
Woodsman or VPA will do the job. If you don't like those , go with a zwickey two blade, they've killed a lot of animals.

From: rooster
As mentioned in some of your earlier threads, my wife shoots pretty much the same set up, although with lighter arrows, as your wife. She has had pass throughs or complete penetration on White tails , hogs and pronghorn with 90 gr Muzzy 4 blade heads. That said, I'd like to go with a cut on contact head for her but, she doesn't like me fussing with her set up.

From: Jasper

Jasper's embedded Photo
Jasper's embedded Photo
Hey Jake,

I know you said 3 blade but I’ve got some of the original 130 grain, 4 blade Muzzy’s I’ll send you free if you’d like. Great heads!

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