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Kentucky 2021 season, coming Saturday
Whitetail Deer
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Tobpitbull 31-Aug-21
Tobpitbull 31-Aug-21
Deercy 01-Sep-21
Guardian hunter 02-Sep-21
tacklebox 02-Sep-21
FLhntr 02-Sep-21
Old School 02-Sep-21
This Saturday Sept. 4. Is Ky archery opener… will be in Boone County God willing… just a few days away…Dale Dye Medicine Point is ready as well! Everyone stay safe! God bless America


From: Deercy
Used to hardly be able to sleep before KY opening morning. Wow. Good times. And good luck.

Hot hunting down there I bet

From: tacklebox
I'll be in Owen Co... yee haw

From: FLhntr
Headed to woodford County from Florida right now.

From: Old School
I’m not much of an early season bowhunter anymore. Ticks and chiggers are too active for me. And I seem to find an abundance of them when I’m in the woods in Sept.

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