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To Wax or Not?
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Tilzbow 31-Aug-21
WapitiBob 31-Aug-21
smarba 31-Aug-21
Jaquomo 31-Aug-21
Buck Watcher 31-Aug-21
Kurt 31-Aug-21
cnelk 31-Aug-21
Tilzbow 31-Aug-21
DanaC 31-Aug-21
Bob H in NH 31-Aug-21
Blood 31-Aug-21
Bowboy 31-Aug-21
APauls 31-Aug-21
Teeton 31-Aug-21
Ermine 31-Aug-21
Matt 01-Sep-21
IdyllwildArcher 01-Sep-21
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Scoot 01-Sep-21
KY EyeBow 01-Sep-21
Nick Muche 01-Sep-21
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Pete-pec 01-Sep-21
WYOelker 01-Sep-21
luckychucky 01-Sep-21
Tilzbow 01-Sep-21
Buffalo1 06-Sep-21
Dale06 07-Sep-21
TD 07-Sep-21
From: Tilzbow
Okay, I’m asking about waxing your bow strings and cables but take it a different direction if you must! I’ve always waxed mine but a year or two ago I read an article by a well respected bow hunter and writer who said he cleans his strings with a high quality string cleaner but avoids wax because in his opinion the wax collects dirt and makes strings wear quicker.

So what say you Bowsite experts?

From: WapitiBob
I rarely touch mine.

From: smarba
I may have read the same thing because I've been experimenting without applying any new wax for over a year. String look a little frayed but not bad. I've always intuitively known waxing down the frays does nothing except cosmetically make it look better, but not certain about whether the wax reduces friction and wear or attracts dirt etc. and increases wear... Also interested.

From: Jaquomo
I prefer shaving rather than waxing, but that's just me..

From: Buck Watcher
Sparingly and rarely. Only when fuzzy and dry looking. If you can feel it's sticky it's too much. I use X-Wax by BCY. They make the fibers so maybe they know about wax.

From: Kurt
Wax, Bohning or in a pinch snow seal, beeswax from an old toilet ring or the little red wax that encased the mini cheeses my buddy takes backpacking. Strings seem to wear well considering the rough life they see.

From: cnelk
I prefer a bikini wax

From: Tilzbow
Yep, didn’t figure it’d take long for Jaquomo to jump on the other train!

From: DanaC
The 'Flemish' strings I use on my recurves are built with wax during the process. I doubt waxing after adds much more lubrication, since very little penetrates a tight string.

From: Bob H in NH
The strings come waxed, there's no harm in LIGHTLY waxing every so often

From: Blood
Damn, though this was the annual Manscaping Thread! I was ready this year too :(

From: Bowboy
Brad do you get one before every hunt:)

From: APauls
No waxing. Au natural.

From: Teeton
I've been at this sport for a long time. I've never broke a string. Yes I've broken strands, but most of the time there was a reason for it. To me wax helps to keep a some water out. But mostly to keep abrasions down that causes strands to break. I'm not sure if I've replaced 5 strings to broke strands. To me, I'll keep waxing them.

From: Ermine
I’m using some strings made out of the VEC99 wax less material. So far I’ve been impressed. It’s nice not having to wax and the dirt that comes with it

From: Matt
Figured for sure this was a manscaping thread.

I use wax very infrequently.

“I prefer a bikini wax”

Brad, unless you’re referring to the ladies, which I think you are, it’s called a “brozillian.”

Also, no need to use wax. Gorilla tape works much better.

As far as the bow, Winners Choice says don’t bother.

From: carcus
no waxing here

From: Scoot
I wax. I understand what smarba is saying about wax dealing with cosmetic problems. However, my understanding is that wax helps string avoid getting dry and brittle and helps keep a little moisture in it, which improves longevity. I work it in with a piece of leather so it really gets into the string well (friction is key). Maybe it's not a legitimately effective approach, but it's what I was taught and it's what I do. I'm open to changing my approach if I can be convinced a different one is better...

From: KY EyeBow
Always used some wax here and never had trouble with my strings and cables so I will continue to do so.

From: Nick Muche
Does the wax collect dirt and dust? Yes. I still wax mine often.



From: Pete-pec
Wax in my opinion is one of those things that keeps a string alive so to speak. I'd swear it offers longevity, just from my 40 years experience alone.

From: WYOelker
I usually NAIR. It burns a little at first but then is nice and smooth. Best way to clean the crack... 1 wipe poops and more...

From: luckychucky
Winners choice sent me some kind of wax alternative with my new string and cables. Comes in a tube and has cloth patches like gun cleaners. Silicone?

From: Tilzbow
Well, that settles it! I’m going to wax, wait maybe not….Hmmmm…..

From: Buffalo1
I have tested several versions of string was in the extremely dusty conditions of South Africa. The undisputed winner in protecting the string from dust grit is Sting Snot bow string was. I use a piece of leather that helps to warm the string to run the wax into string. String Venum is my least favorite.

From: Dale06
Been waxing (bowstring only) for 43 years. I’ll keep doing it.

From: TD
Waxing is a great excuse for stroking your bow....... otherwise you're just playin' wid it....

Kurt.... hoping you mean "new" toilet ring.... old ones are kinda gross.... =D

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