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Basel layers for tree stand sitting
Whitetail Deer
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craigmcalvey 01-Sep-21
t-roy 01-Sep-21
Swampbuck 01-Sep-21
grizzley21 01-Sep-21
DanaC 01-Sep-21
2Wild Bill 01-Sep-21
APauls 02-Sep-21
KHNC 02-Sep-21
APauls 02-Sep-21
From: craigmcalvey
I’m in need of some new insulation…merino wool still the way to go? Suggestions appreciated.


From: t-roy
Yep. I like merino next to my skin, then my second layer is Cabelas Polarfleece.

From: Swampbuck
Lol, my base layers are shorts, short sleeve shirt. Leafy bug suit on top with a thermacell blasting

From: grizzley21

From: DanaC
I find mid-layers more important. Any good base and as many mid and outer layers as needed. One key thing is to NOT work up a sweat on your way in. Add layers on stand *before* you get cold.

From: 2Wild Bill
I prefer a wicking layer of synthetic next to my skin and any wool or thick polar fleece over that. I wear an uninsulated camo jacket over my layers because it is versatile and mainly provides pockets. Craig, I don my harness at the base of the tree and carry outer layers up in my pack, of course, those are all zip front and a neck gaiter blocks any draft where my tether exits the collar.

"Suggestions appreciated." - In my later years the plan is to take my deer as early in the season as possible, then spend those freezing days at home cooking. Easier said than done.

From: APauls
For what temps? For anything up until "super cold" yes they are. When it gets to below freezing and beyond I am wearing my polar fleece base layers. They're simply the warmest. Whitetail hunting you are generally not battling the inability to wash base layers like you would on a pack in hunt. So while fleece wouldn't last as long without getting stinky, you A) aren't moving as much, and B) have the ability to wash.

I still have the same pair of Cabelas polar fleece brown/tan base layers years later and they're the best things I've ever bought. They make a difference of several degrees celsius of temps I can withstand.

From: KHNC
I have a set of Scentlok Timber Fleece I bought in 2010. FLeece is some of the best outer layer clothing available. I always layer with merino.

From: APauls
Basel layers are good, but your biggest ally when it comes to killing big whitetails is thyme.

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