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CO Elk during ML season, orange?
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Hunt98 04-Sep-21
Cheesehead Mike 04-Sep-21
standswittaknife 04-Sep-21
Cheesehead Mike 06-Sep-21
Buglmin 06-Sep-21
Dale06 06-Sep-21
From: Hunt98
I’ll be bow hunting for CO elk during the muzzleloader season. Do I need to wear orange?

No, but the ML hunters are supposed to wear an orange hat. It's probably a good idea for you to wear an orange hat too.

Muzzleloaders have to wear vest and hat.. archers to not..

I was thinking it was just an orange hat but I think that's Wyoming. I believe Danny is correct about the vest.

From: Buglmin
Yes, black powder hunters must wear 500 cubic inches of SOLID flo orange of flo pink. You can't wear a mesh vest or flo orange camo to be legal.

From: Dale06
Buglmim, I’m guessing 500 square inches??. And if it were me bowhunting, I’d wear at least a flo orange hat.

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