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What’s the best early season elk tactic?
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Mike Ukrainetz 04-Sep-21
HDE 04-Sep-21
Rickm 04-Sep-21
Bowboy 04-Sep-21
BULELK1 05-Sep-21
Grey Ghost 05-Sep-21
If you were hunting elk Sept 1 to 10 what would be your best elk calling, hunting tactic in a thick woods area with abundant water, no good place to glass and do spot and stalk?

Would you cover lots of ground and rip off bugles? What kind of bugles? Would you cover less ground and sneak around doing cow calls etc?

From: HDE
Act like a cow or small bull.

From: Rickm
Tried it all. Non aggressive calling in likely spots has worked. Looking back it has been getting eyes on bulls, moving in and minimal calling or strictly spot and stalk.

From: Bowboy
I like to spot and stalk. Also if their bugling on there own no need to bugle.

I like to leave early in the dark and hike into where I want to hunt and listen for any cow calls or bugles and then try and put glass or eyes on them and spot-n-stalk quite------>

Good luck, Robb

From: Grey Ghost
I used to run and gun, trying to chase down every elk I saw or heard. I did way too much calling, and covered far more ground than necessary. I probably alerted more elk to my presence than I had encounters with.

Then I realized hunting elk isn’t much different than deer. The less I spread my scent and presence around, the more encounters I had.

I’ve had my best luck setting up on known travel corridors in the mornings. I’ll usually do a few soft cow calls, or a non-aggressive squeal, just to give the illusion of other elk using the corridor. Then I sit and wait.


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