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Marsupial Bino Pack?
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Twinetickler 04-Sep-21
Empty Freezer 04-Sep-21
Bowfreak 04-Sep-21
Coondog 04-Sep-21
Thisismyhandle 05-Sep-21
caribou77 05-Sep-21
BackStraps 05-Sep-21
JTreeman 05-Sep-21
Twinetickler 06-Sep-21
Habitat 07-Sep-21
From: Twinetickler
Just curious who is running a Marsupial? Also curious if you use the bow hook off the bottom. It sounds good in theory, but not sure I would actually use it?

I have been using mine for about 6 months and it is an awesome harness. I use the bow hooks all the time for glassing or when im catching my breath going up them damn utah mountains.. my .02

From: Bowfreak
I've used mine for a couple of seasons. Its the best bino harness I've used.

From: Coondog
I have the bino harness and rangefinder pouch attachment. They’re both awesome. Don’t have the bow hooks though.

I love mine. I’ll never buy a different brand or style.

From: caribou77
Never seen those bow holders. Very slick. Made something similar 25 years ago and have it to this day on my tree stand safety harness, but I’m buying these today. Thank you

From: BackStraps
Yes. Love my marsupial.

From: JTreeman
I have one. I think it is good. The model have is the original one, and it doesn’t take the clips to hold the bow on the front. I did buy the ones you can use on the chest straps and don’t like them at all. I didn’t realize at the time that the front/bottom hooks were not compatible with the mode I got, so that was kinda disappointing. Seems like a good idea.

The pouch/harness itself is good. I still may prefer the original kuiu (not the newer Pro model) which I generally consider excellent. But the marsupial has some features I like too. I’m gonna use it the rest of this season for a final decision.


From: Twinetickler
Thanks for the honest info. I got one on order. Should get a bowsite promo code on all the free advertising done on here for these companies.

From: Habitat
I tried a couple and really like mine,I did feel like it was really tight with little adjustment. Guess I was right on the line so I bought a next size harness for when I add cloths

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