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Thebull 06-Sep-21
So467 06-Sep-21
Thebull 06-Sep-21
wvfarrier 06-Sep-21
GF 06-Sep-21
ND String Puller 07-Sep-21
Buck Watcher 08-Sep-21
From: Thebull
Needing arrows for two bows One is a Mathews mq32 64lb 28" draw 100grn

Mathews switchback xt 62lb 28" draw 100grn

What is everybody shooting and getting good results thanks

From: So467
Acc 3-60 been using them since 1995. No need to change yet.

From: Thebull
Looking for good info for my weight and length not sure what will work have always shot aluminum shafts 3 kids all played sports never had time to bow hunt now youngest son is wanting us to start . Got him a used Mathews switchback I'm using my mq32 the aluminum arrows i have shot great but fletchings fell off . Was told time to change and go carbon . By looking at the charts at easton it's saying we can use the same arrow ?

From: wvfarrier
Im using Black Eagle Zombieslayers. No complaints at all.

From: GF
There is NOTHING AT ALL lacking in aluminum. They’re just a bit heavier (so you don’t need 200-300 grain broadheads).

If you have some that are working well, buy more.

Speed is not really a major consideration for a beginner hunting whitetails from up a tree, is it?? But straightness and consistency in spine DO matter, and for that, aluminum is tops. Especially if you factor in cost.

I shoot a ton of carbons, but they’re all weight-matched to aluminum for the same bow, because I like aluminum for hunting.

I’d think .340 spine would work just right. I like to error on the stiff side anyway.

From: Buck Watcher
So467 - "Acc 3-60 been using them since 1995. No need to change yet."

Except...... Easton discontinued ACCs. I recommend Made in USA - Axis 5MM.

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