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So I bought some property recently and in the front is about a 5 acres or so of field. I am debating about what to do with it. Do I plant a bunch of fruit trees and then surround that with oak/maple/cherry? Do I just do a number of fruit trees and put screening brush/trees to block the view from the road? Any suggestions? I don't want a food plot, I don't have the equipment for it.

From: drycreek
You could do either of those bearing in mind that oaks and such will soon grow tall enough that they no longer will screen. Five acres gives you options, like good screening next to the road then fruit trees surrounded by nut bearing trees. Just don’t plant them so close together that the crowns interfere with each other years later.

From: DanaC
"I don't want a food plot, I don't have the equipment for it. "

Is there a local farmer who could plow and plant it for you?

From: blue spot
you know just grown up grass and weeds are pretty attractive to deer if the rest of your lot is woods. Lots of fawns dropped and left in tall grass/weeds. If you want low maintenance/investment I would plant a good screen then leave most open with a row or two of fruit trees along the back side.


From: jmiller
Fruit shrubs are great too and less prone to rubbing damage.

thanks for the replies! Great suggestions

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