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New plot is cursed
Whitetail Deer
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From: Rugerno1
So, long story (trying to be) short: I bought a 1984 Kubota M4050 and a 2 bottom plow in late March with plans to re- claim a 1.5 acre portion of my 80 acre overgrown farm. Buckwheat to be planted in the spring, followed by rye grain, ladino clover & ppt's by labor day. The tractor had a bad head. Didn't get it up and running until 8/15, so missed the spring buckwheat plot. The following weekend I got the tractor to my farm and broke ground with the 2 bottom plow. One pass and twisted the 3 point mounts on the plow into a pretzel. I have a 4' Countyline tiller also, so I tried to do that with a little success, but I did get a 1/10 acre section tilled and planted last weekend. In the meantime, I burned (gly) the balance of the field last weekend also. My intention currently is to either 1) plant (broadcast) into the burned field next weekend and mow it the following, or 2) I have a McCormick 13 row planter. I am considering using it in the burned field. I don't have any discs to work the soil and figured if I can 'throw & mow', the openers on the planter will at least have a better potential for soil/seed contact. Any thoughts on the two options?

From: Catscratch
Mowing after broadcasting will get the soil/seed contact you need. I tend to seed heavy rates when doing this. It's also pretty important to have some rain after broadcasting.

If the thatch is thin enough then your planter will scratch the soil and drop seed onto it... making soil/seed contact also. Probably get a little better germination rates doing this.

6 one, half a dozen the other.

From: Rugerno1
Thanks for the feedback! Going to try to load the planter on my trailer tonite and off-load at the farm tomorrow. Hopefully all actions go as planned!

sounds like the tractor is cursed...

From: Rugerno1
I'm now thinking the tiller was cursed. :) Planted 150# of rye with the planter yesterday and it went ok. 70 year old planter had a few little hickups, but the seed went down at the proper rate. After planting the rye I broadcast about 10# of clover and 5# of PTT. After that I realized how well the planter worked! I sprayed the plot last week with gly, but it didn't look like the heavy areas were effected. Any issues to spray again today? I checked the seeder and the seeds were mostly under the thatch/vegetation and the openers did their job. I'll cut the plot low next weekend, so not sure if I need to respray or not.

From: t-roy
Glyphosate generally takes some time to be able to see its effects, especially on some weeds. Oftentimes it takes a couple of weeks to really see results.

From: Pat Lefemine
T-Roy x2. That and the weeds are slowing down this time of year so it may take longer to react compared to early spring when the metabolism is in high gear.

Don’t feel bad, we all have cursed plots this year!

From: drycreek
My spring plots drowned and if we don’t get some rain my deer will have to eat pine cones this fall………

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