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Denver Metro to the Gila
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Hi Guys, My Dad and I will be traveling from the Front Range to SW NM for second archery. We are going to be pulling a small ATV trailer with some of gear on it. (Ladder stands and Coolers mostly). We are looking for the place to stay on the way down. I have heard we definitely don't want to stay in Albuquerque. What other safe area's should be looking at to get a room for the night and not wake up to a missing rig or gear? We plan on driving all the way home in one day, but didn't want to wear ourselves out getting down there.

From: Quinn @work
Done the same trip a few times. I would just drive through and camp in the Gila. Like you I wouldn't stay in Albuquerque with a truck and/or a trailer full of gear. Your safest bet is to camp and rest in the Gila. Good luck.

From: Oryx35
You could look at an Air BNB or bed and breakfast outside Albuquerque. I know there are some in Sandia Park where I would feel fine parking the trailer.

Thanks Guys! I yeah we have to be at Camp at Noon on Thursday. I will look into a Air BNB.

From: LINK
I’d just leave at 6 am and roll into camp by 4 with that evening and the next day to recoop. I’ve made that roughly the same trip twice. If you insist on breaking it up a like the Airbnb along I25 idea. I wouldn’t stay in Albuquerque or anywhere west of the there. I’ve heard of guys getting horses stolen out of trailers in Grants.

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