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Desperate for an elk hunt
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Hessticles 08-Sep-21
SDHNTR(home) 08-Sep-21
Sam 08-Sep-21
TGbow 08-Sep-21
Straight Shooter 08-Sep-21
From: Hessticles
So my brother in law is Kaleb kisky. His dad Don (whitetail freaks tv show) had 2 different plans fall through for elk hunts this fall. He's looking for any options to go on an elk hunt asap. Anything from a horseback drop camp to landowner tags (if possible?). Don wants to take Kaleb on an archery hunt, just the 2 of them. Colorado DIY is an option but he doesn't want to fight people and not having any idea where to go. He asked if I knew of anything and I told him I'd reach out to you fine people. I know it's super short notice. He said he'd like to be home by the 25th of sept to start farming if possible. Thanks gentlemen! Or if there is anything else besides elk that might interest them just throw out your ideas or options.

From: SDHNTR(home)
08-Sep-21 has Unit 13 NM LO tags for Sept 15-24 listed on their website. No affiliation, just passing the word along.

From: Sam
Dam….it’s not like the Kisky’s don’t have anything to bargain with.

From: TGbow
Im in Alabama but I knew a fella that use to go to New Mexico every year..public land. Might be something to check into. I would love to go one day...before I get too old..wait Im already

NM is a good option, some tags available for second season and good units.

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