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LKH 11-Sep-21
Catscratch 12-Sep-21
Aspen Ghost 13-Sep-21
Teeton 13-Sep-21
From: LKH
Many of you plant a lot of trees and shrubs. I don't know how many do much pruning but I though you might be interested in my experience with a battery powered hand pruner.

I bought an anonymous one from Walmart. When I got it I could not find anything on the pruner or in the 3rd language English instruction book for who made it, where to order new blades or registration. Seriously, there was nothing. We ordered a 24 volt model. I metered it and it was 20. Sent it back.

Next my wife ordered a Komok (unitedoupin.com) on the case. Twice the money, but what a beast. I cut all the dying canes out of 130 linear feed of raspberry canes in 90 minutes. That included pulling the cut offs out of the rest and throwing them over a fence.

After that I went after some dead chokecherry that were up to 1" diameter. Chokecherry are hard and tough when dry. Blew thru them with ease. All this on one charge of one battery. Never even plugged the second battery in.

I'm nearly 74 and was about to give up on the berries due to how hard it was to cut out the old canes. This tool changed my mind.

I plan on using it to clear trails through some chokecherry, buffalo berry and hawthorn that were just too tough before.

Besides the guys who plant trees and shrubs those who do a lot of clearing for stands would love this tool.

From: Catscratch
Thanks for the review. I prune fruit trees quite a bit. Hands can get kind of tired. Might give these things a look.

From: Aspen Ghost
I just put a pruning blade in my old Dewalt 18v reciprocating saw. Works pretty slick.

From: Teeton
I bought a battery, long handle chain saw for cutting stuff up high. I got a 40 volt Harbor Freight model. Kinda their pro model, last year. Kinda surprised at how good it works and how long the battery lasts. The only bad thing it the oil cap leaks if you set it on its side.

I just find it great for putting up tree stands. I set my stand, get in and make a video of stuff I want to cut. I review it on the ground. That saves alot of trips back up in the tree. I try to have all my stands up by labor day.

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