Covid test for driving into Canada
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hunterken 12-Sep-21
Bou'bound 13-Sep-21
happygolucky 13-Sep-21
hunterken 13-Sep-21
T Mac 13-Sep-21
TEmbry 13-Sep-21
From: hunterken
Has anyone successfully used the CVS/ Walgreens Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW): The Rapid Point-of-Care (POC) - NAAT (ID NOW) test also detects genetic material (mRNA) of the virus. The test is performed on-site, and results are available within 24 hours. to drive into Canada? The PCR test they have doesn’t guarantee test results in time. This test has results in 24 hours. If so, was your print out if results in MyChart accepted?

From: Bou'bound

i called three walgreens that are listed as doing the ID-NOW test and they said it is basically an anitgen test not a PCR. I thought it was a stronger test that may take place of pure PCR, but that is not what the testing places are saying.

From: happygolucky
The ID NOW test is acceptable to get into Canada. My son and I used it. We printed the results and passed them with the rest of the documentation to the agent.

From: hunterken
Thanks happygolucky. The Rapid ID Now is a molecular test and therefore should be acceptable. A Binax Now rapid test is an antigen test, which is not accepted for going into Canada according to sources i found online

From: T Mac
Complete the ArriveCAN app which includes Vax card Covid test result and quarantine plan and you’ll be all set. Quarantine plan will be address of your camp in Canada.

From: TEmbry
I run a Walgreens testing site in Alaska (so as you can imagine a bulk of my day is discussing testing with Canada travelers). ID Now tests are molecular tests and accepted. Binax Now tests are antigen and not accepted. ID Now kits have been on a nationwide shortage the past month or two so it’s becoming more difficult to find testing sites that have them in stock.

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