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Global texting plan
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DonVathome 14-Sep-21
JTreeman 14-Sep-21
TEmbry 14-Sep-21
DonVathome 15-Sep-21
From: DonVathome
I was 30 miles outside of Delta Junction AK and at 4,500 feet and my cell showed a signal. Never able to get any text to work but my cell kept giving the message about signing up for a global plan. I got the impression I reached some tower that required a certain network. In case of emergency, and possibly as an alternate to a sat phone, I am curious if anyone knows about this? I am not asking about what device to use in an emergency, already know all about that and have it covered with a plb.

I am only asking if there is some service that might allow me to use my cell in remote areas?

From: JTreeman
I have heard unsubstantiated rumors that the SOS function on iPhone works via satellite, no cell service needed. That is just what I heard, absolutely no first hand knowledge, but I suspect a little Google work could get some answers on that. But that isn't exactly a “texting plan” that you were asking about. I’m guessing there is nothing like that currently available or we all would have it and do away with all the inreach and other devices.


From: TEmbry
Who’s your carrier? Sounds like it simply found a tower from another company and said you would need a higher level cell package to utilize said tower via roaming. There are no devices that essentially turn your cell phone into a sat phone that would work anywhere. Give it 5-10 years and I’m guessing iPhones will do just that.

From: DonVathome
TEmbry, verizon and I agree - that is exactly what it sounded like. My Android Galaxy S8+ took my to a mobile networks screen that said

Network mode GLOBAL

When I clicked on GLOBAL it took me to screen to sign up, and pay for, a different plan which I could not do because I had no signal. I was 30 miles outside of Delta Junction AK, and at 4,5000 feet - and I could see 3 wind generators that were in Delta Junction, so it makes sense I could pickup someone's cell tower.

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