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Best waterproofing spray for gear
Contributors to this thread:
DonVathome 15-Sep-21
greg simon 15-Sep-21
Vonfoust 15-Sep-21
Supernaut 15-Sep-21
txhunter58 15-Sep-21
Shuteye 15-Sep-21
320 bull 20-Sep-21
From: DonVathome
What is good for my pack and other misc items? Hopefully also good for every day shoes etc. I used scotch guard in the past but looking for the best. Trying to make things waterproof - not beathable.

From: greg simon
I use Camp Dry. It's silicone spray, seems to work pretty good.

From: Vonfoust
If you're actually looking for "waterproof" then Flex Seal is best option:) Otherwise it's "water resistant".

From: Supernaut
I've had good success with Camp Dry or Sno Seal.

From: txhunter58
I use camp dry heavy duty (green lid)

From: Shuteye
I like camp dry. I even spray my ground blind with camp dry.

From: 320 bull
Be careful with silicon on leather boots mine started squeaking like crazy after a couple of years of use

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