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August Caribou Hunting
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wisconsinteacher 17-Sep-21
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I'm looking for some information on caribou hunting in the month of August. As a teacher, this is the best month for me to travel. My questions are, what state/providence would you look into and what guide would you recommend? Thanks

From: extremevft1
I’m a teacher as well. I’m heading to Greenland in August for a caribou/muskox combo hunt!

That is awesome!! Good luck and shoot straight.

From: Chief 419
Extreme, You're going to enjoy Greenland. I've been once before and shot a Muskox. I'm headed back in a couple of weeks for Caribou. Leaving Sept. 28th.

From: t-roy
Alaska is your only option, as far as states go. I would highly recommend Greenland as well. I hunted there in August of ‘19, and had an incredible trip, harvesting both a caribou and a muskox. I did a thread on my hunt, if you’re interested in more details. The thread title was “The OX-BOU Incident(s).

From: sticksender
Alaska for Barren Ground, NWT or Yukon for Mountain Caribou, Greenland or Nunavut for Central Barren Ground. I believe Newfoundland for Woodland Caribou may be the only one you can't get an August date.

Great Caribou in the NWT in the MacKenzies. I just hunted with gana river and the guys in camp took some great bou in the 400" range

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