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Broadheads that come in 4/5/6 pack?
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Dox001 22-Sep-21
Bowfreak 22-Sep-21
Tilzbow 22-Sep-21
smarba 22-Sep-21
Rsquared 22-Sep-21
LINK 22-Sep-21
Shaft2Long 22-Sep-21
Bowfreak 22-Sep-21
Dox001 23-Sep-21
Stringwacker 23-Sep-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 23-Sep-21
12yards 23-Sep-21
skookumjt 23-Sep-21
GF 23-Sep-21
nijimasu 24-Sep-21
Footshooter 24-Sep-21
Denali 24-Sep-21
PECO 25-Sep-21
Swampbuck 25-Sep-21
Beendare 25-Sep-21
Dox001 28-Sep-21
TGbow 28-Sep-21
From: Dox001
Good Day, Can my fellow Bowsiters let me know of broadheads that come in packs greater than 3. I know, Slick-trick(4 pack), Muzzy(6pack) and NAP Thunderheads (5 Pack). The Muzzy and Nap Thunderheads are difficult to tune. STs are good but I was looking for something that is also easy to re-sharpen. Any other ones that are worth mentioning? Also, they need to be 100% American made. Not assembled in USA but the components are from overseas.


From: Bowfreak
Grim Reaper is it. American made and come in 4 packs. Awesome heads with about any flavor you like. Standard, micro, 3 blade, 4 blade and all kinds of choices of mechanical.

From: Tilzbow
Why does the size of the package matter?

From: smarba
"Why does the size of the package mater?"...LOL

From: Rsquared
Been asking my wife that same question for years

From: LINK
I believe Sevr meets your criteria. They come ad singles in a box with how ever many you order.

From: Shaft2Long
Those muzzy 6 packs will only produce 3 broadheads that spin true. Not worth it.

From: Bowfreak
I assume when he was asking about quantities of broadheads greater than 3 he is looking for a more cost effective broadhead. That may not be the case, but that is what I assumed.

From: Dox001
Thanks for the responses all of you. @ Bowfreak, I looked at grim reaper. They come in 4 pack. Thanks.

From: Stringwacker
Ace Broadheads come in 6 packs......made in the USA

I've went to VPA and magnus 3 blades that can be resharpened , broaheads price has went through the roof. Anyhow they are not packaged more than 3 to a pack.

From: 12yards
Yes, Magnus Stingers are good heads, but you can only buy 3 packs. Good news though, you can buy two 3 packs!

From: skookumjt
What difference how many come in a package? I can't believe the number of broadheads in a package is anyone's criteria for what head they are going to use.

From: GF
Ace by the half-dozen. About $35/pack. NOT per each!

I like the 160s because there’s more beef in the blade. I mounted up a dozen with zero wobble, and a few strokes with a Rada and they’ll shave. Pretty sure deer here will hate on ‘em good.

Made in USA, as always.

From: nijimasu
I know you mentioned SlickTricks were not on your list because of sharpening issues- but I've had great luck re-sharpening ST Magnums by taking the blades out and using my Lansky on them. I have enough extra blades with me in my pack that if I miss a shot, I can just swap new, sharp blades into the head and keep using it right then, and then touch up the used blades when I get back to camp. It works great and has turned into a pretty cost efficient way to handle today's skyrocket-priced broadheads. SlickTrick's original owner made it a point to keep the cost down, but it seems the new owners aren't as dedicated to that. Either that, or production costs have become ridiculous the world over. However that works, they come (very sharp) in 4 packs, and they really do fly like darts.

From: Footshooter
You can get Ironwill heads in a 6 pack with a travel case.

From: Denali
RAD Madman is a 5 pack and very reasonable. 100% US made and unlike many "US Made" heads, they own part of their US made blade manufacturing (most outsource and assemble in the US) I have been playing with their Rival and Triple sec as well. I usually don't like replaceable blade heads, but these have been very good at retaining blade sharpness and they fly very well. RAD Archery, they make peeps as well.

From: PECO
Why stress on the number of broadheads in a package? You are only limiting your options. If you want a good head made in the USA, get some VPA heads. As stated above, they come in a 3 pack, but you are allowed to buy more than one pack.

From: Swampbuck
Shafts2 is right about the new muzzys, bought a 6 pack 4 are true. I know you’re looking for 4/5/6 packs, but look at the musacchia

From: Beendare
Op, I have been shooting the 2 blade German jaeger BHs for a couple years. $5/ea on ebay.

2 baldes are THE most under rated head in the last few decades of advertising convincing guys they need “ big holes”.

No one talks about the resistance of these big heads, the chance of blades causing whacky arrow flight and the fact those big BHs get animals exploding out after the shot like their tail is on fire. Most of the animals I have shot with two blades don’t even know they’ve been hit. Almost all die in sight…its amazing the difference.

My moose last week was a classic example; 47/48# recurve, 553g arrow blew right through that 800# animal like a hot knife through butter. The moose laid down 20’ away….in sight.

So many animals deer, hogs, Javis, etc- just fall over in sight.The combo of super quit recurve and the 2 blades just dont alert them.

I did have one quartering away Coues deer turn inside out on the shot…but it exited the front shoulder with the arrow still diagonally through him- he knew he had been hit…recovered 45 steps away. My longest recovery in 2 years.

The performance of these two blade broad heads should be no surprise. Throughout history for many centuries they have known that this is a very effective design. Those GJ’s are decent steel- they stay sharp through the animal. Sure there are other more expensive versions….but why?

From: Dox001
Thanks for the comments. I appreciate them. Unfortunately bowhunting is becoming an expensive sport, not that it was cheap before and with the exchange rate(ZAR to USD) and the markup at the bow stores the prices are ridiculous. Buying "bulk" might make sense and the less items I have the less customs I have tried Magnus stingers before and from my experience the blood trails with two bladders on wildebeest, eland, waterbuck, etc. was not that good. Mechanicals work if you shooting 75+ lbs but I don't want to shoot that high poundage. Maybe slick tricks(viper tricks) are the way to go then. I will haev to figure out how to sharpen them :) VPAs are expensive for plains game to be honest. Once the arrow passes through and the head gets damaged or I battle to find the arrow its about R400.00 lost, broadhead and arrows. I still have lots of the "first generation FMJs" I think 2006/7. I will check out the RAD Madman.

Thanks guys.

From: TGbow
Ive shot Thunderhead, Muzzy out of my recurves and they flew great..TH are very sharp. Another option is Ace broadheads..they are great heads. Broadhead adapters are cheap..glue em on the adapter and you done.

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