Broken Zippers?
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From: DL

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How many have cursed a broken zipper on jackets or sleeping bags? I thought this just might come in handy. I’ve got to get some. Good to have in hunting gear just in case.

From: JohnMC

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A little of topic but I saw the other day by far most penis injuries come from zippers. In fact there are about 17000 people end up in ER because of them. So be careful zip up the pants.

From: Bou'bound
If it was something other than zippers it would be pretty weird

From: Grey Ghost
When I was about 9 years old, at a large family reunion, we were playing a game called "Spoons" at the dining room table. If you're not familiar, look it up. It can be a hoot with a lot of players. Anyway, while playing I suddenly had to pee. In my excitement to get back to the Spoons game, I caught the little guy up in my zipper. I yelled to my mother for help. She had to come into the bathroom and un-zip me while I screamed in pain. It was perhaps one of my most embarrassing moments, and my family members have never let me forget about it.

DL, so would you simply replace a failed zipper head with that device, permanently? Thanks for sharing.

FYI, in my experience, the usual reason a zipper head stops engaging the teeth is because the 2 halves of the head (upper and lower) spread out and no longer pinch the teeth together enough to engage them. I've successfully repaired several zippers by pinching the 2 halves back together with a needle-nosed pliers. Eventually, they'll fail again, but it's a short-term fix at least. I have an old large duffle bag that I've repaired the zipper on at least 4 times. Each time the repair last a little shorter timeframe than the last. You probably already knew that, but I thought I'd mention it, anyway.


From: smarba
Looks like a pretty slick system. And to confirm Matt's comment, often you can squeeze a zipper with pliers to fix them. Be careful, it really doesn't take much pressure to squeeze, i.e. it doesn't feel like you're really doing anything. Just squeeze, try, squeeze again, etc. That fix can last a very long time.

From: Swampbuck
How did you get the beans over the frank?

From: TD
Ahhh..... something about Mary.....

Cool tool, not sure if that tool just re-engages the zipper or will help reform distorted or damaged teeth.... but maybe? I've "repaired" a few over the years with either pliers and/or a small file for metal zippers (still have a couple around) and pliers and exacto knife with nylon teeth, did one just last week having trimmed off a tag of damaged tooth that was hanging the slider up. Works..... for now.

One thing that has saved a bunch of zipper damage I never used when younger was add a cord/cable zipper pull of some sort whenever and wherever possible. Makes a yuge difference and much less likely to torque the zipper and damage it by just using the stock pull tab alone.

The fix n zip works awesome especially on zippers that are on a closed system like sleeping bags, backpacks etc. Replaces faulty zipper pull but can also handle a few missing teeth and still function.

From: Korey Wolfe
I bought one to help heal the zippers on my ground blinds. I will let you know how i like it.

From: txhunter58
Good thread

From: Darrell
Would like to hear from more guys who have used them. I have a tent that the only real problem with it is the main door zipper. I've since bought a newer version of the same tent but still would like to be able to use the old one.

From: drycreek
I haven’t had that kinda trouble in a looooooong time !

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