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From: Rgiesey

Rgiesey's embedded Photo
Rgiesey's embedded Photo
The photo here is of my friend Scott Grumley and the ram he killed in the Sangre de cristos in , I think 1989. I made the bow he used in Ron Pittsley’s shop under his supervision for the exact purpose Scott used it for,to kill that Ram. Backpacked in ,on his own, as fine a trophy as was available in Colorado at that time. Scott was my hunting partner in the 80s. We hunted bears,deer,elk,antelope,goats,sheep,and turkey. He was successful at all that. And as good a friend as you could hope for. We had sheep tags in1986 and 1987. The problem was Scott took a new job as boss of construction projects around the country. He couldn’t go in 87 as they sent him to California. Where was his sense of responsibility. He was a professional and did very well in his career and probably wise not to have listened to me. I killed a ram on that same ridge as Scott shot that one in the picture hence wasn’t there for his hunt but was glad he used the bow. If you look at Scott’s eyes you can see Nels Grumley, Scott’s grandpa and Fred bears first and best bowyer. Craftsmanship and bow hunting skill ran though his veins. Scott was the most accomplished of all of them. Fast forward to June, on my way to work my buddy Gary Renfro texted me and asked if I’d heard from Scott. I hadn’t, so I called. No answer. Later in the day Scott called back, I was on the deck of a new house,surrounded by my crew. Scott told me how it was going for him. Had a stroke,recovered, through difficult physical therapy. He was tough. I’d followed him on some hard trails, he was ahead. Then he talked about throat cancer and lung cancer and my crew got to see how manly I wasn’t. In the weeks that followed I got to talk to Scott some. Heard about his recent retirement. How he’d hunted the entire season in a good Colorado unit. Missed a big one. Later in the summer he didn’t answer. Hoped he was busy,shooting,scouting,anything. He wasn’t, he was in the fight of his life. On august 6 his brother Rob texted me and said Scott was in hospice and it was about over. Kirk called me Sunday and said Scott had died Saturday morning. As tough as Scott was cancer really sucks. I honestly believed and really hoped he would pull through. Saturday they’re having a memorial service for Scott Grumley. My buddies Barry Smith and Gary Renfro will be there. I’ll be elk hunting in Wyoming. I’ll think of Scott, I can still hear his voice and hopefully shoot a nice one. Scott’s scoring system. He was a nice one. To honor my buddy I’d drive all night and give up hunting time but this what I’ve done. I’m sick of saying it but he was as good a man as there was and I’ll miss him! Randy Giesey

From: deerhunter72
That’s a wonderful tribute to a great friend and fellow hunter. May he Rest In Peace. Thanks for sharing.

From: itshot
wonderful tribute, indeed

good times don't last long enough

may he rest in peace

From: sticksender
Very nice tribute. Good friends and hunting partners are rare to find and you sure hate losing one.

From: Treeline
Wow, Randy, excellent tribute. Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know Scott. Amazing, in this tight knit bunch of Colorado bowhunters. He definitely sounds like one of the good ones.

Rest In Peace, Scott.

From: jdbbowhunter
Nice tribute to your friend. I feel your pain.

beautiful tribute to a great man. RIP, thoughts and prayers with you and all of his family and friends.

As long as I can, I will.

To all: Enjoy your life it’s later than you think.

Good luck Randy.

From: Shick
Randy, you did Scott well. I thank you for the tribute to your friend. Good luck to you and stay well. Shick

Sounds like a guy I’d want to spend time hunting with.

From: TGbow
very nice tribute of your friend. I really hate to hear of his passing. Scott sounds like someone you can never forget. A true gentleman

From: Paul@thefort
Randy, Nicely done. From a fellow bow hunter who is 81 years old and a cancer survivor, time surely marches along and has much as we would all like to live forever, the light at the end of the tunnel starts to flicker. Scott knew this and made the best of his life and I am sure he was also proud of you for being such a great friend. my best, Paul

From: BC173
Great tribute to that one friend we all should have in life. My blessings to you both. RIP Scott!

PS….cancer sucks

From: BillyD
All class Randy….a touching tribute to an accomplished hunter and very good friend. May his memory be eternal.

From: pav
Well done Randy. Rest in peace Scott.

From: DanaC
Thank you for sharing this with us

From: Supernaut
Great tribute to your friend, thank you for sharing it with us. May he rest in peace and his memory be eternal.

Prayers of comfort sent for you and Scott's friends and family.

From: Papadeerhtr
Great tribute, doesn't matter how old we are when we lose someone that close it hurts. Crying when that happens doesn't mean we are not manly but that we have a heart.

From: T Mac
Top notch….Scott no doubt will be with you in spirit on your hunt!

From: rooster
Sorry for your loss. It gets tougher lose friends as we age.

From: Beav
Sorry for your loss but thanks for sharing this.

From: Jaquomo
You are, and he was, class acts. Wonderful tribute. We should all have a friend who appreciates us as much as you did him.

Sorry for your loss.

From: Brotsky
A great tribute, they say a man's greatness can often be judged by the friends he keeps. That's certainly true here. Sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing your friend's memory with us!

From: Boris
If you are bowhunting. Remember to take an arrow with his name on it. From the mountain top, shoot it into the wilderness. Then one day you and him will find it. TOGETHER

From: goelk
Thanks for sharing. Rest in peace

From: Kurt
Randy, excellent tribute to Scott! He was a fine bowhunter and even finer individual.

Hunt never know when it is your last season!

From: Shrewski
Randy, you sure have had a good crew to run with all these years. It has not been easy on them the last few. God’s speed to all of them.

From: Rgiesey
Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. I was hoping for some more comments from guys like Kurt who knew Scott. Thanks Kurt. Thanks for the call Tavis. His family appreciated the write up and the comments. Thanks bowsite for the forum.

From: Old School
Great write up and tribute to your friend. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great memories to reflect on.

From: Bowboy
Sorry for your loss. Scott's probably upstairs chasing critters with stick and string. It's tough losing a good friend.

From: t-roy
Very nice tribute, Randy. Always tough to deal with losing a good friend.

From: bowonly
Randy, man, it's tough to lose any friend, but a special bowhunting buddy really cuts deep. All those shared memories of special hunts makes it all the harder. There are lots of connections between that group of guys from Colorado from the 80s. Maybe a guy didn't know all of them very well, but it seems you always knew some guys who did know the guy and got to hear the story. Maybe you weren't there when Scott shot that fine ram, but you certainly had a strong connection to the hunt. The rest of us were not there either, but, in some very small way, we all are connected to it. A fine tribute to a good bowhunter. We mourn with you.

From: bowonly

From: ki-ke
Classy tribute to honor a good friend. I'll bet that was greatly appreciated by his family.

If there is a reunion in the next one, yours will be on a mountain, chasing sheep, no doubt.

From: Ron Niziolek
Randy, that was one hell of a tribute and like we talked along the trail, he knows you were thinking of him and exactly where he'd want you to be. Condolences to you, Scott's other buddies and his family. Ron

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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