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mchiro 24-Sep-21
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From: mchiro
I'm trying to find some new information about renfros and papa bear adventures. I've found loads of information from around 2015 but nothing too recent. I've done 2 drop camp hunts in the past but looking for a little better outfit and both of these seem like great places just looking for anyones input that would make the difference. Thanks!

Both hunt the same areas, Papa Bear has newer equipment and the planes are in better condition

From: Hessticles
Just flying home from PB dm me with any questions.

Of the two PB is the preferred outfitter imho.. i went with them the year before Steve sold the business but sounds like they are still a great company.. they really focus on safety a good hunting experience.. renfro really is an escalator of hunters.. continues to get backups of hunters due to just greed and taking too many hunters..

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