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Canadian Moose?
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I'm in the process of looking into a Canadian moose hunt for 2024. I have price in mind but I'm struggling with options of where to hunt. I'm open to archery and rifle hunts in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. I would prefer to drive from WI but if it is a great distance, I will look into flying. If you have an outfitter recommendation or idea please let me know. Thanks

From: APauls
Wouldn't rule out Effords in Newfoundland. My buddy Tyler guides there and is always into great moose. Not sure if you're crossing a species off a list or just interested in a good moose hunt. They shoot a lot of real dandies.

From: JL
I've done Quebec twice (1 for 2). may want to find out what the populations are looking like in the various areas you're interested and how the NR tag system works. When I was doing the research, the NR tag system in Quebec was a little tricky to get a bull tag for one individual. The party system was going bull or cow/calf for 3-4 hunters. I think Ontario was the same way too. I was able l to get a bull/cow/calf tag. I don't know what the process is today or current moose numbers are. Definitely perform the due diligence, research and plan ahead. Also......I worked with an outfitter that did fly-in hunts to stay away from the well traveled road systems up there. You can drive up to the hunt lodge/area....but then so can everyone else. Another also.....if you drive up to the lodge and it is remote back in the bush, the road is likely gravel to get there. Make sure your vehicle has good tires (and the spare tire) and carry spare fuel. The place I went to twice was something like 100+ miles of a gravel road going north into the bush. And was remote in some places and tow trucks were hard to find and spendy. That means you could spend the night in the truck waiting on someone to drive by if you break down late in the day or at night. All that said...they were fun and adventurous trips.

From: Shug
What is your budget is the biggest factor.

Share your budget?

Are you just wanting a Canada Moose? or a G$CO Shiras? a P&Y size? B&C size?

I've seen prices from $5-20k depending on what you want...

From: spike buck
Google Wilderness Air in Vermilion Bay Ontario. Fly in. 1-807-227-5473.

My max is $7500 for the hunt. I'm willing to go a little highter when everything is totalled up for the entire package with travel and other add ons. I'm looking for a respectable moose. Thanks for the info so far.

From: mooseslayer
If your looking for an archery only moose hunt give Dave Bzawy a call from Alberta Wilderness Guide Service. He can put you on a P&Y moose for close to what you'd like to spend.

From: Whitney
Unfortunately $7,500 won't buy you much these days for a quality moose hunt. Moose can be pretty fickle, especially if the weather doesn't cooperate. Generally speaking, they are low in numbers and live in very dense cover (unless you choose a farmland hunt). I personally wouldn't book a hunt of less than 10 days. If the weather throws you a curve, you'll need all of those 10 days. I hunted Northern B.C. a few years back and didn't have an opportunity at a good bull until day 8. I looked at outfitters all across western Canada before I booked my hunt in B.C. Had I not chosen the outfitter in B.C. I would have gone to Northern Manitoba. Manitoba was a little less money, but still pricey but I wanted the experience of hunting in the mountains as opposed to the flat terrain/lakes in Manitoba. When looking at outfitters be sure to look at the total costs..Does the cost they quote you include licenses and taxes? Don't forget that the guides, cooks, etc. will expect a pretty hefty tip. What about float plane (if you choose a hunt that requires a float plane).. Is the float plane charges included? If so, what about "meat flights" (to get your meat out)? Are they included in the price or are they extra? Some hunts are all inclusive and others tack on all of these things. And what is your idea of a respectable moose? The further north you go, generally speaking the larger the moose (and the price increases as you go further north also). As you probably know, the largest Canadian Moose will be found in Northern B.C. Not to say that big ones aren't killed elsewhere, but if you are looking for something in the 50" range or bigger, that's your best bet. Good luck!

Great last post. Moose are not the easiest! More time the better, more density the better

From: Ollie
Ryk Visscher offers good hunts near Edmonton, Alberta. Ryk caters to bowhunters. Hunt price will be about $10,000. High success. Shot a tremendous bull a few weeks ago using my longbow.

From: Gun
Ditto on what John said. I guided for Ryk. My hunters saw Bulls every day. Top quality hunt. One of, if not the highest Moose densities in Alberta.

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