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Triticale and oats question
Whitetail Deer
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Scoot 28-Sep-21
t-roy 28-Sep-21
Scoot 28-Sep-21
goyt 28-Sep-21
JSW 29-Sep-21
Korey Wolfe 30-Sep-21
txhunter58 10-Oct-21
From: Scoot
We were bone dry here in mid August, but there was a lot of rain in the 10 day forecast then, so I seeded my oats/triticale in mid August. I usually seed them a couple/few weeks later and have had great results. They came up great and look good, but they're getting tall (about 6" or a little more). My bro says they should be cut with a mower, so they don't head out or get bitter. Do I cut oats/triticale? I didn't think so...

From: t-roy
I highly doubt they will head out this late in the year, but I think mowing them would be advantageous to do. You will get some new growth after mowing, and that new growth will be more palatable than the taller unmowed stuff, IMO.

From: Scoot
Thanks T!

From: goyt
I agree with t-roy that the oats will not head out this year. Regarding mowing I also agree that the oats would be better tasting if mowed. However, the size of the plot, the size of the deer herd, and the amount of competing food would enter into the decision. I have seen deer completely mow down 3 acres of wheat that was so tall that it was laying over in a matter of a week or so. After that the deer kept eating the wheat as fast as it would grow. If there are few deer and/or a lot of attractive food choices you may benefit from cutting it. Otherwise I suspect that sometime after the middle of October the deer will mow it for you regardless if you cut it now or not and there will be more food to hold them if it is not mowed. JMO

From: JSW
If you're still not sure, mow half and see what happens. That will give you better information for the future.

From: Korey Wolfe
It depends on the size of the plot and the number of deer visiting the plot. I would never move my small plots because the deer do that for me, no matter how early you plant them. You are looking to maximize the tons per acre for each plot then I wouldn't mow.

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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