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Anyone hunted Anticosti Island lately?
Whitetail Deer
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newfi1946moose 29-Sep-21
Katahdin 30-Sep-21
newfi1946moose 30-Sep-21
Rob in VT 30-Sep-21
My group is considering looking into a hunt on the island in 2023. Anyone hunted there in the recent years? Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

From: Katahdin
My friends usually hunt every year as a sponsored type hunt. Sawmills in Quebec greasing landowners in the states. I think it was 2019 that many came back empty handed due to a very bad winter kill the year before. Certainly nobody hunted there from the US in 2020 but this could have caused the herd to rebound a bit.

K....upon thinking about what you said, seems like I recall that. I will check with my bear outfitter as he knows who the provincial manager might be.

From: Rob in VT
I hunted there in 1999 and killed two bucks. At the time, it was an ok hunt. Saw a fair amount of deer and bucks but nothing very big. I think the biggest my camp took was a 110” 8pt. My opinion was that it was fun, but I think you can do much better in the mid west for the same money. I know this info is ancient history but though I would give you another perspective.

Best of Luck . . . Rob

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