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Great Camp Lights
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Darrell 01-Oct-21
Ok...Russ 01-Oct-21
jdbbowhunter 01-Oct-21
Shuteye 01-Oct-21
APauls 01-Oct-21
Darrell 05-Oct-21
From: Darrell

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Just letting everyone know these are free right now at Harbor Freight with any purchase. I can't have too many of these. I hang them in the tent, from tree limbs, anywhere I might want light. Do yourself a favor and go get you several.

From: Ok...Russ
Darrell, sometimes they'll have them listed with a coupon on their ad sheet too. Last ones that I picked up were I think .88 each. Keep one in each pickup. Where I've really found them handy is in our container. Even with the front door open, it's hard to see in the very back.

From: jdbbowhunter
Ya have a bunch of them. Pretty handy!

From: Shuteye
I carry one in my Gator and back pack. I have hung it on a tree limb after blood trailing a deer and finding it. Then I can get back to the deer and find it no matter how dark it is with a buddy to help drag. Also good to look into my back pack in my ground blind when it is still dark outside.

From: APauls
AAA’s - I’m out

From: Darrell
APauls, That's where you have to be patient. Usually they give away packs of AAA batteries on different weeks. I haven't bought any AAAs except for lithium's for my headlamps in years. The batteries last surprisingly long in those lights, especially for how much light they put out. Of course when I went to get another free light, my store was out of stock. Oh well, I probably have enough anyway. :)

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