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Sivart 02-Oct-21
Mule Power 03-Oct-21
midwest 03-Oct-21
Charlie Rehor 03-Oct-21
Treeline 03-Oct-21
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WI Shedhead 03-Oct-21
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Huntcell 11-Oct-21
From: Sivart
Curious of opinions on who has the better hunt service advise. I've been a member of huntin fool in the past. But there are alot more options now. Epic outdoors, gohunt, ect. Any pros or cons bet them?

From: Mule Power
I don’t like yhat if I draw a tag through Huntin Fool I have to book with their outfitter. I don’t think their outfitter is always the best choice. It’s just the one that will do business with them. Great source of information though.

From: midwest
Huntin Fool membership is free with OnX Elite membership.

+1 on Midwest. OnX membership also gets me several other apps free in addition to Huntin Fool. Just got DeerCast Elite added for free.

From: Treeline
I’ve been with Huntin Fool for a long time, but just for the hunt draw information. I do also get Eastman’s, GoHunt, and this year I checked out Epic. It helps to be able to cross reference different sources of information….

From: BlacktailBob
You do not have to book with one of their outfitters. I drew two great tags using their service this year and I booked with my own chosen outfitter for both hunts.

From: greg simon
Like Bob said. Huntin Fool gives you a list of “approved outfitters” but it’s your tag. Hunt how you want.

From: WI Shedhead
After being a member so long I could get through the application changes with a little effort. The members draw service has been a great source of info about hunts drawn. Well worth the $100 each year.

From: DonVathome
I use HF online membership just for info/stats, much more accurate then Eastmans. I am very happy with it. I have not checked out Epic. I use HF to see what they reccomend so I can try to avoid it - and the many apps it attracts. I also like hunterstrailhead

Been a HF member since 1998 when I guided Garth Carter (founder ) to his only eastern turkey kill. His crew , including his son, were very helpful,for info and I felt knowledgeable and honest. . Usually do my own applications after getting my intel but the two times I used them I drew tags. Moose in Idaho and elk in Arizona. Current crew since Carter bought out have been very easy to work with and have given excellent advice Several guys at Epic, including Carter’s son, were at Huntinfool and I talked to them in the early years and they were great. My son uses Epic and really happy with their help. Can’t see you going wrong with either.

From: Huntcell
“GoHunt” Randy Newburg go to source.

Enough said.

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