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KSJHawk 03-Oct-21
greg simon 03-Oct-21
Rgiesey 03-Oct-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 03-Oct-21
BUCKeye 03-Oct-21
From: KSJHawk
If this is not allowed, I apologize. I hunt mobile with a Lone Wolf stand and sticks. I am looking for a spare stand if anyone has one for sale. My daughter asked to go along with me this year and I think the best option will be to set up two stands with one set of sticks.

On a side note, I would like to hear how those of you that hunt with your kids set up. Thanks.

From: greg simon
I use two stands and one set of sticks. I climb and set the sticks and hang the first stand. Then simply pull up and hang the second stand a little higher for me. Be sure and don’t leave to big of a space between sticks for smaller legs. I’ll tie on a lifeline then climb down hook up my gear to pull up and make sure my son is clipped on securely then he goes up first. I use lone wolf stands.

From: Rgiesey
Two stands one set of sticks

This weekend I hunted with my buddy and his son, he wanted to scout a piece on the far side of the 700 acres we hunt so I told him I’d sit with his boy so he could hunt the afternoon/evening and I hunt from my saddle on the side of his tree. Worked perfect. I could shoot behind us being a lefty and he had the front covered.

From: BUCKeye
I use a 1 person ladder stand for my son and hang a lock-on next to it for me. I just go up the ladder first and step off his seat to access my lock on then he climbs up.

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