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What time of day to hunt water?
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DonVathome 04-Oct-21
elkmtngear 04-Oct-21
[email protected] 04-Oct-21
swede 04-Oct-21
Matte 04-Oct-21
Dale06 04-Oct-21
butcherboy 04-Oct-21
Coyote 65 04-Oct-21
ElkNut1 04-Oct-21
DonVathome 05-Oct-21
txhunter58 10-Oct-21
From: DonVathome
What time of day do you hunt these 2 types of water for elk?

1. Wallows (9/10 - 9/25) 2. Water for drinking all fall

From: elkmtngear
Depending on the location of the wallow, I "might" hunt it midday (heavily hit wallow, mid ridge, in the timber, for example).

If it's on a path where elk feed down out of their beds in the evenings, (wallow or waterhole), I'll sneak in late afternoon, and sit till dark.

My mornings are primarily "running and gunning"

Early Season with warm temps might change that game plan, but I rarely hunt early Season.

Wallows, three years ago, Sept 4th. 9 am bull came in with cow. Only the cow left.

Two years ago, Sept 17th. 7:30 pm, Bull came into 20 yards, killed him as he wallowed. I only hunt this wallow in the PM per wind

I have never hunted elk in the Fall. There is no doubt that elk visit these wallows when I am not there, per trail cameras but I play it careful not to let them know I am in the area.

This season. Sept, 15th. 7:45 PM, Bull came to drink at 20 yards, He died ten seconds later. As above, same wallow in the PM.

Both of these wallows can not be hunted after 9 am and before 6 pm because of the shifting winds.

From: swede
I do not hunt wallows specifically. They are just a bonus if they are in a location where well used trails come together. I consider wallows to be on the level of finding one last cookie in yesterday's snack sack. Wallows are just too unpredictable. I like a well used water hole, especially one that is in a secluded location. It really helps to have well used elk trails passing nearby. I would not sit exclusively over a water hole where water is plentiful unless there is good sign something(s) is using it..

From: Matte

Matte's embedded Photo
Matte's embedded Photo
All day. I have thousands of pictures from all times of day.

From: Dale06
It depends. I’ve not had much luck on small wallows, but have had good luck on small watering holes, small being 20’-100’ or so in diameter. I’ve seen these water holes being used for drinking, cooling off, and wallowing. I hunt these more in the evenings than mornings and tend to see more elk at them in the evening.

From: butcherboy
Last elk I killed was 7 or 7:30 in the morning. Came in to get a drink. Elk also used this natural spring to wallow in around the edges.

From: Coyote 65
What Matte said. Last elk was 9:00 AM and he was dripping wet and covered in mud.


From: ElkNut1
Run & Gun in the a.m. & sit water/tanks from 4:30 till dark! Perfect combo!


From: DonVathome
Thanks guys! Single wallows have proven to be not good - but multiple wallows, in cover near bedding areas much better. I also prefer water and figured almost anytime of day is good, evenings maybe a little better - wind is typically more stable in PM vs AM

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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