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WY Grizzly Attacks Hunter
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From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
At least the guy didn't get killed. The sow and cubs didn't fair to well. We definitely need a grizzly season.

From: HDE
Maybe the "judge" that cancelled the hunt should get to have a close up encounter themself...

Gonna take someone “important” to be chewed on before they do anything. Unfortunately none of these “important” people will ever be in the woods to be chewed on like most of them should be

The article mentions "management" of GYSE bears... Killing bears that are attacking you is not management. That's self-defense and it's no way to manage bears. There needs to be a season.

From: Rgiesey
Our camp had some encounters with grizzly s this year. Shot bullets , lost elk , and got video of a charging big bear. Also a couple Bowhunters killed a sow at point blank range. Hopefully they’ll write something up.

From: LBshooter
Maybe we could all chip in and give mitt Romney or Joe a all expense paid DIY elk hunt" lol

From: Jaquomo
Thought this was about Ron Niziolek's grizzly charge this year. Hopefully he will come on and post the video. Made me pucker just watching it..

From: APauls
I was just gonna say - Ron's got that sweet video too. Seems more and more of them every year.

From: Bowboy

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Here's a video of a Yellowstone Ranger getting charged this year.

From: Elkpacker1
appears the grizz had a wounded leg.

From: Ron Niziolek

Ron Niziolek's Link
Hopefully I'm doing this right. Here's a link to the charge mentioned. I apologize for the language so Pat or Charlie take it down if necessary. This is a Facebook link.

Sam and I had just spooked another griz about 5 minutes prior to this encounter. When we saw this one we were at 55 yards without a good way to back out of there. My pistol was on my pack which was dropped before a final stalk on a bull. We both still had bear spray. If I would have had my pistol, bullets would have been sent and who knows what the outcome would have been.

From: brettpsu
That made me crap my pants Ron! You've got balls of steel haha

They are a problem. I need to figure how to upload video...

From: Bowfreak

If you have it uploaded to Youtube you can click on share>embed and then copy the link. Paste it right into the reply box and hit submit. It will show up embedded in this thread like this video.

From: Pop-r
Exactly correct elkpacker. If one can move this gallantly on 3 legs imagine what a sure enough healthy one can do! Truly mystical!

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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