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Someone’s Headed To Their First Elk Camp
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DL 05-Oct-21
tinecounter 06-Oct-21
elkster 06-Oct-21
t-roy 06-Oct-21
[email protected] 06-Oct-21
DL 06-Oct-21
txhunter58 10-Oct-21
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo

From: tinecounter
Dave, EXCELLENT! Yep, my first Canadian bear hunt. But no P/U; SUV & trailer. LOL

From: elkster
Good one, DL! We rented a Uhaul trailer on our first rodeo. Took tree stands and snowshoes just to list a few unused items. It was a September hunt in '89.

From: t-roy
Looks like me headed for a fly out hunt! :-(

where is the kitchen sink?

From: DL
I remember mine and I was driving a Suzuki Samurai with a roof rack loaded with plastic Tote boxes. It was like driving a brick into the wind. When a truck would pass I’d slide in immediately behind him to get sucked into his draft. 12 hours in that cracker box and I was done.

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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