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OR catches 4 jacklighters
Mule Deer
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On just opening weekend.

From: deerhunter72
I don't know why this surprised me at bit. Poachers are scum.

From: Treeline
Although it sounds like they only lose their hunting privileges for three years… should be longer!

From: brettpsu
Agreed Tavis! Looks like the scum bags used 2 rifles, 1 shotgun and one .22 cricket to try and poach with? Pretty freaking cruel to shoot deer with a shotgun or a .22 cricket. Something tells me the shotgun didn't have slugs or buckshot loaded in it. Looks like a waterfowl/turkey gun to me.

From: DanaC
Public flogging

From: sitO
I think it's a great idea that the "Oregon Hunters Assoc" offers preference points for tips that result in arrests for poaching. More states should do this!

From: Treeline
The vehicles should be confiscated and any hunting related gear they have on them. Auction it all off to help pay for conservation. When word gets out that you’re going to lose your vehicle and anything related to hunting as part of the penalty, it gets real..

From: Pop-r
YES sir Sito! All western states should do this and I could have some SWEET tags very quickly!

From: KSflatlander
Treeline X2

From: Grey Ghost
I can't imagine the lack of grey matter involved in getting busted in one of these decoy sting operations. I've had poachers kill animals on my property. I'd piss on their graves before toasting to their deaths.


From: redquebec
Soooo....losing hunting privileges for a few years...ya think that's going to keep these types of guys away from..."hunting illegally"?

I knew guys like this in my little town growing up, they're back at it before the ink on the citation has dried.

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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