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Lacrosse Alpha Burley boot failure
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From: Goldy2416
I bought a pair of Lacrosse Alpha Burly rubber boots last year for early-season bowhunting. This season the sole has separated from the boot, and they are no longer waterproof. Lacrosse customer service suggested I try to repair them with shoe glue.

Although I am passed the one-year warranty for Lacrosse boots, I expected them to last more than one season. Does anyone have any suggestions for a durable uninsulated rubber boot that might last a bit longer?

From: Badger_16
I have only use the alpha burly, I have two sets my light pair has lasted over 10 years. I bought a heavier pair two years ago and no issue. Maybe their quality control has gone down over the last year. Disappointing to hear if that's the case, they are my favorite boot.

I had a pair just over a year old same thing. I called and got the same answer. Use shoe glue yada yada. I wore them maybe 50 times. I wrote an email worded very strongly yet still civil and had someone email back asking me which size and boot it was and that they would be sending me another pair. Also told me to attempt to fix the old ones after I sent pics and if it worked keep em if not junk em.

From: cnelk
Mine separated. But after I wore them a bunch.

Shoe Goo rocks!!

From: Kurt
Aqua Sole Shoe Repair (used to be "Free Sole") is even better than Shoe Goo in my experience.

Sucks that the Burlys don't last anymore. I have an ancient pair (15 years old or more) that still are working, but don't wear them too much like when I whitetail hunted a lot in CO/NE/KS/IA, etc.

From: Buffalo1
Are LaCrosse boots assembled in the US or China?

From: Jeff.Thomp
I wear a pair out every year it seems. I went back to the grange. They aren't as comfortable but they are bomb proof.

From: Mule Power

Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
Freesole works really well. Didn’t know they changed the name. That and Tuff Toe and I get my money’s worth out if a pair of $500 boots. If these boots could talk!

Never had a problem with my Alpha Burley side zips.

From: Mhg825
Have great luck with Ithaca boots at tractor supply 40 dollars very durable

I have a pair of Alpha Burleys that are from the first year they were made that I'm still wearing. I've actually killed a Bull in them. Best rubber boots ever made. I have a new pair that is 3 years old and perfect. Best rubber boots ever made. Now Muck on the other hand are pure garbage in cold conditions.

From: TGbow
I have a pair of Lacrosse snake boots..lasted about 5 yrs..not sure if they will last this season. Seems to be a lot of failures in recent yrs with Lacrosse boots

From: tacklebox
I want to know why their sizing went to hell. I've been wearing a pair of size 8 Alpha Burly's for 15+ yrs also. They have been awesome but I have beat them to death finally.

Last year I purchased a pair of regular Burly's being they were more in line design wise to the original Alpha Burly I liked so much. The new boots same size (8) is actually a 9.5 in fit, figured it must have been a production mistake. Order a 2nd pair in 8. Same deal. LaCrosse tells me my old boots don't fit the same as their new boots because of design change but how does design change modify a a nationally recognized sizing system?? I mean these are not even in the same zip code.

From: APauls
Wore one pair forever and finally did em in. Got another pair been going strong for like 6/7 years. Stepped on a nail this year moose hunting. Haven't noticed a leak yet thankfully.

From: spike78
Believe it or not my cheap Cabelas brand rubber boots have lasted quite a few years no leaks yet.

My experience is the opposite of ELKMAN's. I have an old pair of Alpha Burly side zips that the rubber cracked and started leaking within a couple years, they also dig into my ankles and are very uncomfortable to the point of being painful on long walks. On the other hand I have a couple pairs of Muck boots that are much more comfortable, lighter, warmer and the rubber bottoms have held up much better than the Lacrosse.

From: Buffalo1
I asked the question as to where Lacross boots are made. No one responded. Below is what I found on the internet:

"Are LaCrosse Boots Made In The USA?

Yes. Since the beginning, LaCrosse Footwear has made its products in company-owned factories in the USA. However, in 2001, LaCrosse officially decided to switch from a production and distribution model to a model that concentrates more on product improvement and promotion, as many other footwear brands did. Thus, the majority of LaCrosse boots have been outsourced. Today, it is conducted that only about 30 percent of all Lacrosse products are still made in the USA. "

There could be a chance that the Alpha Burley in made in China. My cobbler said he sees a lot of rubber boots coming apart. His theory is that boots made in Asia, can sit for long periods of time in cargo containers. The heat inside the containers tend to break glue down. Thus boots come apart because of the loss of glue strength and contact.

What say you?

From: Hessticles
I have a pair of 1000s I bought 2 years ago. No leaks and fit great but horrible when it gets cold. Where them while hiking but where my mucks while sitting in the stand

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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