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Yesterday was a bad day to be outside working. Raining big time. So, my buddy Chris and I took advantage to go in a local sporting goods store.

I walked by the bows and notice a carbon riser’ed Bowtech Zion. Sales guy saw me fondling it and offered me to shoot it. I said yep…………. That is one bad little bow. 3.3 pounds. Dang quick too. And, not as bad in expected bring carbon.

It’s considered to be a midterm bow. But, fully setup, it was the perfect bow. Bowtech is for real.

From: spike78
Wouldn’t trust Bowtech limbs if you gave it to me for free.

I think those issues have been taken care of, though the new ones are prone to derailing.

From: Twinetickler
Wear a helmet and a mouth guard. All kidding aside I used to shoot an Insanity and really liked it. Don't like they are prone to blowing up.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Gimme a break. They are no more prone to blowing up than any other bow. I've owned or have personally seen limbs split from all the big 3.

From: kota-man
Sdhntr speaks the truth. Bowtech limbs are no more prone to damage than Mathews, Hoyt, Elite PSE etc. To say so is simply brand bashing. All the major bow makers make some fantastic bows.

From: WapitiBob
Bowtech fixed their limb problems several years ago.

I believe that Zion is a molded riser, not a hand wrapped riser like the Hoyts or PSE.

Could be Bob. Molded just right too.

The back wall was as solid as a concrete wall. The draw was so smooth compared to every bow I’ve ever shot, I likely dang near derailed it. I just really liked it. And, I’ll likely get one.

Hard to justify the $759 when you have a fine bow already. That you rarely use as it. Maybe I’d hunt more with it then I do my trad bow. I don’t know. Yet.

From: Mhg825
Love bowtech, limbs take a beating if it's a hunting bow , tree steps and rocks are the problem

From: midwest
Sounds like the bow found you, Justin. Better get it!

Yeah. I should. I probably will too. Because A warm Saturday of rain and paper work, versus a cold and sunny day of hunting, has me convinced I deserve it. lol

From: txhunter58
Good thread

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