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SIP 10-Oct-21
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Corn outlined in yellow
SIP's embedded Photo
Corn outlined in yellow
I mostly use onX for all of my in-hunt needs(whitetail/turkey), but as far as e-scouting i use several different mapping deals. I have always wanted to be able to look at aerial maps different monthly timeframes to be able to see “edges” but more specifically, what type of cover specific areas are composed of in regards to open woods vs thicker stuff.

A few weeks ago i saw somewhere that if you uprgrade to huntstand pro, u can look at monthly satellite images, current to the last month. It took me a week or so of pondering and also a 10% discount offer until i decided that $24(for the year) was worth being able to access these maps.

I bit and signed up. It said that those specific maps were of lesser quality than the main images, which wasn't a huge issue for me as a slightly grainy image should still yield the opportunity to decipher between thick areas in woods and open woods as importantly for deer hunt planning, what specific crops are in the crop fields. Problem is, as far as i have been able to see, not only are the images so terrible that it is probably tougher to decipher between open woods and thick woods but you cant tell what crop is planted in any of the fields. I also dont really even trust that the image is actually showing the crops in the fields or that they are actually a picture from that month. I looked at a field near my house that has corn in it…and the image doesnt show corn. Corn should be easy to see due to the rows, i would certainly think.

Anybody have a similar experience with this service on hunstand pro? Am i doing something wrong(dont know how i could be). Is there a better option for being able to set the timetable you want when looking at a map?

Attached is a screenshot of a field near my work that is corn this year. Nothing in that picture helps signify to me that there is corn there and that corn was 6’ tall by the first of August.

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