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Whitetail Deer
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For those of you that new Nick Percy, you were lucky. This is true especially if you were his client. We broke into the hunting business around the same time. He was an incredible resource for growing anything regarding deer plots. It is extremely tough to break into this business. It takes expertise, great products, honesty and perseverance. Nick resembled all of these. Nick passed yesterday from Covid. He finally made a success of Killer FPs. It is unfortunate he is not here to enjoy the fruits of his intense labor. As my wife and I stuck at home recovering from the virus this is hitting me hard. We shared many meals and talks while pursuing success in this competitive industry. Nick never gave up. He was the prototypical and consummate professional. Rest in God's arms my friend. Gary

From: t-roy
Sorry for your loss, GH.

Nick was a great guy......sad day

From: MDcrazyman
sorry for your loss

From: Catscratch
Sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like the guy had a huge influence on you. Wishing you the best in recovering from this.

Hunted Black Bears with him in Saskatchewan a few years ago. Super fun guy and smart business man. So young.

From: T Mac
Sorry for your loss RIP Nick!

Nick worked so hard to bring his dream to reality. I remember the day he left his employer and bravely made KFP his job. It was a scary thing to do. His commitment made it a viable choice. He was to be admired.

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