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Utah Investigation Regulating Trail Cam
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Tilzbow 11-Oct-21
From: Tilzbow
I recently received a survey request from UT Division of Wildlife and just completed the survey. All questions were related to trail cameras and two questions asked specifically if I supported implementing Nevada’s reg’s which limits trail camera use to outside of all big game seasons (except Mt Lion) or Arizona’s reg’s which ban trail cams altogether. In any case it’s apparent Utah is looking at regulating trail camera use and potentially copying or using NV or AZ reg’s as a basis. In any case, here’s the verbiage in the email I received and I’m sure a few others got it too.

This is a friendly reminder that we would really appreciate your input on this survey about trail cameras and hunting in Utah. We have already received a lot of responses, but we haven’t heard from you. Please consider taking 8 minutes to complete this survey and help us shape our proposals for potential trail camera regulations. We will send a final reminder before the survey closes on October 18th.

Thank you, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Begin Survey

Please do not forward this email as its survey link is unique to you.

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