Canucks can enter USA in November...
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spike buck 12-Oct-21
jdee 13-Oct-21
Huntiam 13-Oct-21
BC 13-Oct-21
Treeline 13-Oct-21
bentstick54 13-Oct-21
newfi1946moose 13-Oct-21
Screwball 13-Oct-21
HDE 13-Oct-21
From: spike buck
Vaccinated Canadians can cross into USA via land border as of end of November.... Vacations a go!!

From: jdee
Sorry Canadians had to wait to cross for so long . The southern border never closed or required vaccinations. Cross at our southern border and you can get free health care, food, housing, no vaccination and some spending money to go along with it, you can even get a free airplane ride to a liberal Democrat city of your choice.

From: Huntiam
Jdee hit the nail on the head damn shame too

From: BC
jdee, correction; Biden is shipping them to red states. All part of the plan.

From: Treeline
BC beat me to it! Yup Canadians could fly to Mexico and then come in that way much easier!

Not sure why US was so slow in opening up the border to you Canadians Chris, but glad to hear it’s in time for your planned vacation. Hope you enjoy it.

Finally great that our Canadian friends can cross. We never got to see ours this summer at the RV park up in nny but the place will be rip-roaring this coming spring.

From: Screwball
LOL, and you were worried.

From: HDE
Mexicans can do it unvaccinated and have been for quite some time.

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