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Kenetrek 1000 boots
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jdee 13-Oct-21
WI Shedhead 13-Oct-21
Jims 13-Oct-21
HDE 14-Oct-21
Habitat 14-Oct-21
From: jdee
I’m looking for some cold weather hunting boots for cold weather and rough terrain. Has anyone tried the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 1000 gram insulated boot ? I have some pac boots and they do keep your feet warm but they will wear you out hiking in snow.

From: WI Shedhead
I got a pair last year and used them twice in the winter. Thier better than the 400s for sure, get them a size big for warm socks. Also as insurance get a set of Arctic’s shield over boots for extended sits after the hike

From: Jims
Where are you hunting and what type of hunting? Are you mostly sitting? The reason I ask is because I prefer uninsulated boots. I've whitetail hunted in super cold weather in Nebraska where it was more humid and I was sitting for hours. I didn't hike much and my sorels kept my feet toasty warm.

I work outdoors in Colorado year-round with uninsulated boots. I'm mostly active and hardly ever have cold feet. I buy my boots about 1 size larger so I can loosen the laces during cold weather and wear a little heavier socks. In hot weather I merely cinch the laces down. In deep snow I wear a little taller-all leather boots (Lowa Tibets) that aren't insulated but keep snow out and are super waterproof.

I tried Kennetreks for 1 day and returned them. It felt like I was on stilts because the soles were so thick and high off the ground. Super unstable on rocky terrain. It would be nearly impossible to stalk quietly in those thick soled and stiff boots.

From: HDE
If you buy insulated boots a size bigger to accommodate heavy socks, you will always have to wear heavy socks when they may not be needed. Let the boots do what they're designed to do. If they are 1000 gram, they'll likely be warm enough with regular hiking socks. If not, and you're doing a lot of sitting/standing, get the Arctic Shields as mentioned. Or, let your feet sit on a piece of carpet or something.

From: Habitat
I have a pair bought several years ago size 10 never got them to fit my feet on pre hunt walks would make someone heck of a deal

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