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Blind windows fogging - tips?
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Pat Lefemine 14-Oct-21
Habitat 14-Oct-21
sman 14-Oct-21
bumpinblaze4x4 14-Oct-21
woodguy65 15-Oct-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 15-Oct-21
GFL 15-Oct-21
Grey Ghost 15-Oct-21
From: Pat Lefemine
Just curious what you guys use - if anything to keep your blind windows from fogging up in the cold? I have three redneck blinds that I like to keep the windows sealed on, but if it's cold the windows fog and I have to bring a rag to wipe them down. Just curious if anyone has tried any anti-fogging products they can recommend?

From: Habitat
small squeegee and either anti fog spray or I hear shaving cream works as good

From: sman
I have bought a rain X anti fog product from the auto store and have used it on a boat Bimini widow with some luck

I haven't had much luck with any of the anti-fog sprays, etc. but i keep a roll of paper towels and a 6-8" squeegee in each of our redneck blinds. In severe cold weather it's tough as the moisture can freeze pretty quickly but in general the squeegee is super effective.

From: woodguy65
x3 squeegee

Pat try out Oakley Visor Spray. Used it on my hockey visors and football helmet visor in high school and never had an issue no matter how cold. Other people used different sprays and still fogged up.

From: GFL
The Redneck spray is better than nothing.

Sorta works.

From: Grey Ghost
Pat, I've used a Dewalt battery powered fan, on the low setting, to keep my RV windows from fogging when camping in cold weather. It's pretty quiet and lasts a long time on a charge. May be worth a shot.


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